Resident Evil

Resident Evil’s biggest retcons

Resident Evil’s biggest retcons
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Resident Evil’s biggest retcons

demonic residentThe plot of is not really the focus of the games. That’s not to say the tradition doesn’t have its fans or its appeal, just that it’s more edgy and laid back compared to the likes of Silent Hill. For a series that pioneered the survival horror genre, it can often feel more like an ’80s action movie than a George Romero zombie flick.

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This divide between scaring or exploiting has led to some retcons over the years. Plot points were altered, scenes were changed, and characters were changed. Sometimes it was for the better, and other times it was more of a step aside. These are some of the most significant retcons in demonic resident.


6 How many founders did Umbrella Corp have?

This could be less of a retcon and more of a gradual development. Umbrella, the big bad corporation behind most of the games, originally had a founder in Dr. Oswell Spencer. He had a replica of his mansion built in the Arklay Mountains to house a lab that dealt with experimental viruses, and that caused a host of problems that have since produced some 30 years of shocks and spills.

Then it turned out that he had some accomplices. James Marcus, a friend from college, was a big shot in Umbrella until he became the big villain in resident evil zero. Then a man named Edward Ashford revealed himself as another co-founder and involved his strange children Alfred and Alexia. Even Resident Evil VillageMother Miranda got involved. She cared for a young Oswell when he was on a field trip, and her work with the mold inspired the man to replicate his work. Mold didn’t work for him, so he switched to viruses.

5 Rebecca had quite an adventure before arriving at the mansion

The participation of the STARS Bravo team in Resident Evil 1 It used to be so simple. First they were sent to explore the place, then things went wrong thanks to a certain scientist disguised in sunglasses. After resident evil zero complicates matters with a series of murders, a train wreck, an ex-con on the run, and leeches.

Eventual survivor Rebecca Chambers would have to work with convicted murderer (but did he?!) Billy Coen to uncover the truth behind it all. It would just involve a secret train track, another hidden lab, and the operatic singing of Umbrella co-founder Dr. James Marcus. Then once she’s done, she goes to the mansion, meets Chris Redfield, and plays the piano amongst everything else. He probably didn’t even get overtime pay either.

4 Lisa Trevor in the Resident Evil remake

The problem with making games bigger, better, and newer is that older entries just keep getting smaller, worse, and older by comparison. resident evil 2 Y 3 he had an entire city to navigate, along with some big, lurking terrors in Mr. X and Nemesis. Why start at the beginning when the middle is so much more exciting? Enter the demonic resident redo, or Redofor the Gamecube.

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As well as adding new monsters and gameplay mechanics, it added its own constant threat in Lisa Trevor. She and her family were kidnapped by Umbrella. She was later used as collateral for her father, architect George Trevor, to design the mansion. While he was eventually left to die, Lisa was used as a test subject for Umbrella’s viral research for nearly 30 years. He made her scary and understanding at the same time, giving her Redo an additional advantage that its predecessors lacked.

3 Elza Walker becomes Claire Redfield

This is perhaps borderline, since Elza Walker never became canon to begin with. However, it is also a sign of how small changes can have big consequences. When resident evil 2 development began, the plan was that none of its protagonists would be connected to Resident Evil 1characters of . The team is halfway through their plan with rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy and Elza Walker, a biker enrolled at the local college who got caught up in the zombie outbreak.

They got far enough in its construction that it has since made its way onto the internet as Resident Evil 1.5, but the development team was not satisfied with their work, so they scrapped it and started from scratch. Thus, Elza Walker became Claire Redfield, Chris’s sister. Since then, she has become one of demonic residentmost popular characters from , joining his brother in Resident Evil: Code Veronica and leading the way in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Would Elza have had the same reception? It’s hard to say, though some fans hope to see it one day become a game.

two Albert Wesker becomes a supervillain

The Sega Saturn port of Resident Evil 1 managed to get some exclusive features. It had a minigame called ‘Battle Game’ in which the player used a limited number of weapons and items to survive in different rooms full of monsters. Occasionally, one of the threats would be a zombie version of Wesker, giving players the chance to give him the headshot he deserved. Wesker was just going to be the traitor of the team, the guy who tries to sell his crew upriver only to be swept away by his own firecracker.

Then it turned out that he used a special virus to survive, and just in time to be the surprise villain of veronica code. Strangely, Capcom must have felt that it seemed too human on the Dreamcast release because it was pushed into the PS2 port. Code Veronica X. He was super strong, super fast, and finally the supervillain everyone is familiar with today. It was then revealed that Wesker was responsible for the events of resident evil 2 Y 3 behind the scenes, got Ada to get the “sample” in Resident Evil 4and almost achieved complete global saturation in resident bad 5. Not bad for a guy who couldn’t originally hold a building.

1 The Plagues were the basis of Nemesis

Resident Evil 4 it was significantly separated from its previous entries on purpose. Umbrella was closed off screen, the action crossed the pond to Spain and the zombies were replaced by Cattle infected with parasites. RE2Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong returned but received some changes. Leon never suplexed zombies or did laser flips in Raccoon City, so when Capcom did the Resident Evil 3 Remakethey decided to bring him closer to RE4.

He introduced the NE-α Parasites, Umbrella’s attempt to artificially recreate their Plagues. Like them, they leave their hosts smart enough to be self-aware and use weapons. These would become the reason why Nemesis could speak (if only one word) and use a rocket launcher. He would now also share his ‘gift’ with other zombies, turning them into tougher, more tentacled versions of themselves. With a Resident Evil 4 Remake Along the way, fans can only imagine what will change next.

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