How to get an Elytra

How to get an Elytra
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How to get an Elytra

Elytra is undoubtedly one of the best items players can get in Minecraft survival. These wings can be equipped as bulletproof vests while also granting players the ability to glide and cover large distances very quickly. When combined with firework rockets, the Elytras get even better after being upgraded from a gliding contraption to a fully functional set of wings that players can use to fly.

This item cannot be crafted or obtained by trading. It can only be acquired by finding it in the world, so players must be very careful to avoid losing it or allowing it to break. There is no limit to the number of Elytras players can find in their world, though players will have to travel further and further each time they want a new set.


Where to find Elytras in Minecraft

Unlike other loot in Minecraft, such as saddles or enchanted books, Elytras cannot be found in a multitude of different natural structures. Instead, Elytras can only be found in finish ships. End Ships are large floating purple ships that spawn next to End Cities in the End dimension. Inside the treasure room of these ships, players will find a single element frame holding an Elytraas well as two loot chests guarded by Shulkers.

coming to the end

To find these End Ships, players will first need to reach the End. This is the appropriately named dimension where players fight the ender dragon, the final boss of the game. To get there, players will have to acquire Blaze Rods from Blazes in the Nether, as well as Ender Pearls when killing Endermen. The former can be used to create Blaze Powder, which is combined with Ender Pearls to make eyes of ender. Players can cast these Ender Eyes to locate the portal to the final dimension.

when the players throws the Ender Eye into the airwill lead them to fortress housing the Ender Gate. Once players reach it, they can dig into the fortress and use his Ender Eyes to fill the Ender Portalwhich can then be used to reach the End. Here, players will encounter Enderdragon, who they will need to kill.

Players must start with destroying the crystals on the obsidian pillars, which heal the dragon. After that, players can start shooting the dragon with a bow and arrow while waiting for it to land on the central fountain. When he does this, players should get close enough to hit him in the head with their swords. the the exit portal will open when you kill the dragonand the End is all yours.

find a final ship

After the dragon is defeated, 20 final gateway portals will spawn in a circle around the main End island. They appear as floating patches of bedrock with a shiny black End Gateway block in the middle. Throwing an Ender Pearl through this center block will teleport players to a distant outer island in that general direction. It is on these outer islands that Chorus Fruit can be found, as well as the End Cities.

Final cities appear as huge skyscraper towers with interconnecting bridges and paths between structures. When these cities spawn, each tower has a 50% chance to spawn a bridge in every direction. In addition, each of these bridges has a 12.5% ​​chance to spawn a ship beyond the end of it. This spawn system means that players can get very unlucky with their city spawn and have a city that has only a few structures. But they could also hit the jackpot and have multiple ships in one.

Once players reach a ship, they must take the bottom ladder look for a room with an obsidian floor. It’s the treasure room that it is guaranteed to hold a pair of Elytra wings. If players find themselves in a city that does not contain a ship, it is still worth looting, but players must try their luck through one of the other End Gateways.

To get the Elytra wings, simply take them out of the item frame and fly back home.

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