How to complete Rocket League live missions in Fortnite

How to complete Rocket League live missions in Fortnite
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How to complete Rocket League live missions in Fortnite

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Fortnite Y rocket league are crossing over during Rocket League Live, with special missions and cosmetic rewards available for Fortnite Players who log in to watch the Rocket League World Championship live in-game. Players can tune in via Fortnite to watch matches live on the big screen between August 9 and 14, with missions that can be completed during match breaks to earn exclusive, limited-time cosmetics. What Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 continues, players might be looking for more exclusive cosmetics outside of what’s on offer in FortniteThe latest Rocket League Live Battle Pass is a great way to get it.


To access the Rocket League event and complete challenges, players must first log in to the special Rocket League Live IslandA custom Fortnite level designed by content creator walnutx404. Rocket League Live Island is featured prominently in fortnite battle royale “Discover” tab right now, and players can easily find and select the mode from there. However, if this doesn’t work, players can also access the island by entering a code. This involves choosing Fortnite game mode selector and enter the code 8205-6994-2065 under the “Island Code” tab.

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Rocket League Live is just one of many exciting events on FortniteThe long and rich history of . Once players successfully join a lobby, they will be presented with a blue and orange portal and asked to choose whether they would like to support the blue or orange team in any upcoming live events. rocket league play. Every time a selected team scores a goal, their team in Fortnite receives power-ups. Also, players who decide to support the winning team will receive upgraded weapons in the next phase: Team Rumblewhere all the challenges of the event can be completed.

All Rocket League live challenges and rewards in Fortnite

Team Rumble it is essentially a team deathmatch, with two teams of players battling it out and achieving eliminations. While having upgraded weapons to support a winning team is nice, it doesn’t substantially affect the ability of players to eliminate their opponents, so there’s less pressure if the team the players chose didn’t win. On top of that, the four missions that players can complete are surprisingly simple, and unlike some of the FortniteThe most unusual missions, players do not have to actively strive to complete:

  • Deal 250 damage to opponents in the RL Live Deathmatch.
  • Deal 1500 damage to opponents in the RL Live Deathmatch.
  • Eliminate 3 opponents in the RL Live Deathmatch
  • Eliminate 7 opponents in the RL Live Deathmatch

The event has encountered a minor hiccup: at the moment, the relevant quests appear to be buggy and appear to challenge players to deal damage to opponents twice and eliminate an opponent twice. Arguably this would make them easier Fortnite all-time missions, but players must do the challenges listed above, such as Fortnite official twitter account has confirmed the correct values. Fortnite players can usually bounce with no problem, so it’s a bit of an odd bug. Players will also receive cosmetics for completing each of the four challenges:

  • the Golden Goal Spray for eliminating three opponents.
  • the real rocket glider for eliminating seven opponents.
  • the Good shot! emoticon for dealing 250 damage.
  • the Rocket League Back Bling Trophy for dealing 1500 damage.

Players don’t need to worry much about keeping track of these missions, as playing a bit of team deathmatch is usually enough to get through them all. However, since this is a cross-promotional event celebrating two video game properties owned and managed by epic games, rocket league fans can also collect free cosmetics during this event. All players have to do is log in to rocket leaguego to Extras on the Settings tab and click Redeem Code. When entering the code RocketLeagueLivethey can receive the Neon Runner banner, Hustle brow ornament, Aero Mage wheels, and the RLCS theme anthem free. Interested Fortnite players can also start playing rocket league free since the game became free in 2020.

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