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Great potential for Tarkov “DMZ” mode

Great potential for Tarkov “DMZ” mode
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Great potential for Tarkov “DMZ” mode

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, a new spin-off of the popular shooter series, is also set to release in 2022, but this year publisher Activision is cleaning up the shooter genre with MW2 (2022). Featuring “DMZ” mode inspired by Escape From Tarkov. What awaits us there and why we think COD deserves a chance, we reveal now.

What is it about? “They just want a piece of the pie”, some say: “Cool stuff”, others call it, but what really awaits you with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Tarkov’s “DMZ” mode can only be speculated. But we take a look through the scope into the future and the past: can the DMZ in COD Modern Warfare 2 keep up with Tarkov or even surpass him?

What do we know about the DMZ mode in CoD Modern Warfare 2?

The DMZ gameplay, which has already been tested by several players, is probably very reminiscent of the beginning of Escape From Tarkov. You do not know? In Tarkov, you enter instanced mini open worlds filled with players, NPC soldiers, loot, and quests. The length of the rounds varies from 20 to 40 minutes, and if you play hopscotch, you lose everything! But everything you collect during the round and take to an extraction point returns with you to your hub world or inventory.

These mechanics are supposed to work in the DMZ as well, and the fight for survival is what makes it so appealing. As usual in Call of Duty, combat should be faster and less tactical than in Tarkov. The battle royale branch, Warzone, is similar. Here too, the developers have focused more on quick reflexes than smart tactics.

Here’s what the leaks promise so far: Various leakers have revealed a lot about the DMZ in Modern Warfare 2 in the last few weeks and months: among other things, it is said that the DMZ will receive much more support from development teams than Call of Duty multiplayer in 2022, which is a bodes well for an upcoming launch in the direction of the own brand, as does Warzone, which works separately from Call of Duty. Also, as hinted above, multiple COD studios are working on Tarkov mode at once. Treyarch and Infinity Ward are supposed to take on the job. The fact that these studios are Activision’s two largest internal studios in terms of COD gives us hope.

Publisher Activision has also announced a live event called “Call of Duty Next”, which will air on September 15. Here, the developer could present new tangible clues about the competitor COD Tarkov. Why quote:

(COD Next) will be an era-defining event about the near future of Call of Duty.

When will the mode be released? Supposedly, DMZ would not be released until a few weeks after CoD Modern Warfare 2 launches on October 28, 2022. However, some testers have already uploaded images on their social media channels hinting at a Tarkov Mode DMZ release in the future. MW 2 launch.

What makes Call of Duty’s “DMZ” better than Battlefield’s “Danger Zone”?

The comparison is quickly drawn: The big players in the shooter space want a piece of the Tarkov pie. Battlefield failed at that, so why the hell should Call of Duty be any different? That’s a good question, and one that I (hello!) have been asking myself for a long time. The big difference here lies in the effort and support for the game modes.

As various sources on the net show, DMZ is supposed to get a lot more support from Call of Duty than Hazard Zone. While EA & Dice just threw different ideas at the content wall, all of which bounced back, DMZ is the next big thing for Activision.

That’s why I think Activision is approaching the Tarkov genre with enough respect and initiative. Just as they have approached the Battle Royale genre with respect and creativity and are up to the task. Therefore, it is said that DMZ was considered from the start of the development of MW2 (2022):

Call of Duty can’t keep up with Escape from Tarkov and can still be good!

Those who now believe: “DMZ can never replace Tarkov!” they are probably absolutely right. DMZ in this year’s Call of Duty isn’t even supposed to knock Tarkov off his throne, at least not his own. The games are comparable only by their genre. The inspiration. The way to play a shooter.

Where Tarkov appeals to gamers with innovative realism and tactical combat, Call of Duty tries to appeal to all those gamers who celebrate the genre but don’t have the time or inclination to spend hundreds of hours learning it. They don’t want to spend time analyzing ammo types or changing a metal spring in the body of the gun to get 0.05 RPM more out of the gun.

My conclusion: The Call of Duty DMZ can be a really fun game mode if the developers really put a lot of time and energy into implementation and support. However, this does not replace Tarkov as the top dog, but benefits from competition. There are certainly many ways that Battlestate Games can learn from other Tarkov projects.

But what do you think about Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s Tarkov DMZ mode? Write a comment or join our social networks to discuss and not miss anything.

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