Fortnite Weapon Tier List: Chapter 3 Season 3

Fortnite Weapon Tier List: Chapter 3 Season 3
Written by ga_dahmani
Fortnite Weapon Tier List: Chapter 3 Season 3

When it comes to Fortnite Battle Royale or any multiplayer game that features combat, the weapons you use will always be an important part of the experience. However, with so many weapons to choose from each season, choosing the best one can be tricky.

Lucky for you, we’re here to help you with a new list of weapon tiers that you need to reach right away and which ones need to stay floating on the ground for all eternity.

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Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 Weapon Tier List

We still have time before the Season 3 finale event arrives and drags us into Fortnite Season 4, so there’s still plenty of time to check out all the weapons currently available in Fortnite’s standard and non-compile modes. This list also only consists of pistols and not grenades and other items.


  • DMR
  • combat assault rifle
  • main shotgun
  • stinger submachine gun
  • E-11 blaster rifle

Tier S represents the best of the best in Fortnite Season 3 and topping the list must be the DMR and Combat Assault Rifle. The DMR is the perfect weapon for the long-range player, combining the range of a sniper rifle with the rate of fire and damage of an assault rifle. Meanwhile, the combat assault rifle is the best automatic weapon in the game right now thanks to its versatility, as it can easily spray enemies up close or shoot from a distance.

Prime Shotgun and Stinger SMG, while more situational, are undeniably powerful and can rip through opponents with ease.

a level

  • hammer assault rifle
  • heavy sniper rifle
  • Striker’s Burst Rifle
  • two shot shotgun

Tier A represents weapons that approach Tier S in quality but are held back for one reason or another. The undisputed top of this list is the Striker Burst Rifle, an excellent damage dealer even after being nerfed, the Striker Burst Rifle stays off the top tier due to its recoil taking some practice. The Hammer Assault Rifle also has this problem, although it’s a bit easier to adapt to.

The other two weapons, the heavy sniper rifle and the two-shot shotgun, are kept out of the top tier due to how slow they are. In the case of the sniper rifle, this is due to the size of the one-shot magazine and the horrendous reload speed of the two-shot shotgun.

level b

  • hand gun
  • Ranger Assault Rifle

Tier B are weapons that are useful but really nothing special. The Ranger Assault Rifle has its uses and it’s certainly worth picking up and using a higher tier one, but there are better options to choose from.

The sidearm pistol, meanwhile, is actually a pretty good weapon to use as a last resort, with great reload time, rate of fire, and DPS potential at higher levels. You’ll likely never keep one for very long, but if the rarity is there, there are worse weapons to own.


Tier C represents weapons that could be good and sound good on paper, but aren’t. While the Revolver can be a really fun weapon to use in Fortnite, it’s terribly slow and if you want to take a game seriously you might as well put it down and stick to the ammo. The auto shotgun, meanwhile, doesn’t have much going for it, often leaving players exposed and quickly eliminated.

Level D

  • loaded submachine gun
  • Striker pump shotgun

Finally… we have level D. The worst of the dirt. Weapons you should only pick up if absolutely necessary. The Striker Pump shotgun used to be an undisputed king of battle royale, but many much-needed nerfs have gone too far, making it completely impractical.

Then we have the loaded SMG, which is pretty much useless. Sure it has great potential damage, but the slow charge, wild inaccuracy, and ability to chew through your ammo make it a waste of time.

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