Top 5 Minecraft DLCs to play in 2022

Top 5 Minecraft DLCs to play in 2022
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Top 5 Minecraft DLCs to play in 2022

Minecraft Bedrock Edition has some of the best DLC packs. While the Java Edition has its modding prowess, the Bedrock Edition thrives on community and developer-created maps, skins, and more that players can explore from the in-game Minecraft Marketplace. Some of them are completely free, while others require Minecoins.

In addition to the community-created maps and skins, there are several official collaboration DLC packs. Minecraft continues to collaborate with different companies, TV series, movie franchises, and even other games by releasing their characters and worlds within the sandbox game. In 2022, some of the best DLC that players can access has been released.

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Top 5 DLC Packs for Minecraft in 2022

5) Angry Bird Downloadable Content

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Angry Birds is one of the most famous mobile games. Players shoot birds at evil pigs who steal their eggs. Different birds have different powers that players can use to destroy pigs and win. In May 2022, both game companies collaborated to release a Minecraft version of the mobile game.

The developers have incorporated the basic gameplay of the game and other interesting features in the DLC. Players can play with friends and fight evil green pigs in a 3D world instead of playing in 2D in the original Angry Birds game. If gamers are fans of both games, this is the perfect DLC for them.

4) Minecraft Ice Age DLC

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Ice Age is a brilliant animated movie franchise full of fun adventures of primitive animals exploring the world during the ice age period. Since the movie series has a massive fanbase, Minecraft collaborated with them to release DLC for Bedrock Edition in May 2022.

The movie shows some impressive scenery of huge glaciers and other structures, and it fits very well in the sandbox game where players can easily build these structures with blocks. Players can choose from a large number of characters and explore the vast map with friends. They can also take part in some of the iconic adventures that the original characters from the movie ventured on.

3) Light Year DLC

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After a successful run from the toy story franchise, Disney released a movie related to the famous animated character, Buzz Lightyear. The film delves into the astronaut’s life and all of his backstory. Minecraft released a fascinating DLC ​​in collaboration with the movie.

Players can select to play as their favorite characters, fly to different areas, and fight against all kinds of alien life forms to complete the mission. Since players can easily build any type of structure in the game, massive spaceships, mysterious alien structures, and more look impressive in this DLC.

2) Spongebob DLC

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Sponge Bob Square Pants has always been at the top of the history of children’s animated television series. Millions of people have seen or at least know about the hilarious show set in an underwater town with fascinating aquatic characters. This is one of the biggest DLC collaborations of 2022.

The developers of the DLC created the entire city of Bikini Bottom and added all the famous characters from the show. Players can explore the entire city map and play a bunch of series-related mini-games.

1) Mangrove Restoration Project

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With the release of update 1.19, Mojang added a new Mangrove Swamps biome to the game. This was added partially to raise awareness of mangroves in real life and how humans should restore them so wildlife can thrive. They also created a DLC map for the Bedrock Edition, where players can experience Mangrove Swamps throughout the game.

Players can plant trees, interact with beautiful wildlife creatures that gradually appear once the forest is restored, and even create a cabin in the woods where they can live.

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