The best Minecraft uses for flowers

The best Minecraft uses for flowers
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The best Minecraft uses for flowers

Minecraft It has a good variety of items that players can find in nature, and flowers are just one of the many plants available in the game. Flowers come in a multitude of types and colors, and even have some biomes, like the flower forest, where they tend to spawn in greater abundance than anywhere else.

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Although they are pretty to look at, most players can walk past flowers in Minecraft and don’t think about grabbing them for later use. Flowers, like most other items in Minecraft, actually have their own unique uses, which players shouldn’t ignore. These are some of the best ways to use any flower in Minecraft that the player may have gathered.


6 Spawn bee hives

Bees are a type of flying mob that is passive by default, and their nests can be harvested for honey and honeycomb. If players are looking to make an easy honey farm, but can’t seem to find any bee nests nearby, they can increase the chances of one appearing on the new trees they plant.

Gather a bouquet of flowers and plant them around young trees. Note that these should only be oak and birch saplings, as bee hives do not breed on any other type of tree. The proximity of the flowers will increase the chances that a hive of bees will reproduce in these trees while the sapling grows. Also, having these flowers near bee hives will give the player more honey as the bee begins to pollinate.

5 Turn them into dye

Dyes are a fun way to Minecraft to convert certain blocks and items to the desired color. They not only work on banners, which allow players to place markers on maps and decorate their home, but can also be used on other blocks such as white wool and glass blocks to create colored wool and stained glass.

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The process is quite simple. Players just need to collect the flowers of the color they want, place the flower on the crafting grid, and they will get the dye in question. If players have access to limited flower types, they can also mix certain dyes for lighter colors. For example, mixing the white dye from bone meal with the red dye from roses will produce a pink dye.

4 Decorate a Minecraft house

The variety of flowers in Minecraft It means players have a ton of different shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from. They can be a great way to spice up a build that could use a natural touch.

Flowers can be freely planted anywhere and can also be grown using bone meal on a turf block. Note that doing so will also grow tall grass, and the results often depend on the biome. Finally, a classic way is to make a clay pot and place a flower in it by right clicking on it after placing it.

3 Fill a composter for bone meal

Bone meal can be a real life saver at the beginning of a Minecraft survival run Can be used to quickly grow wheat, carrots, potatoes, and a bunch of other plants for the player’s needs if they are strapped for resources. Obtaining bonemeal, however, is a completely different story, especially if the player doesn’t feel ready to fight hordes of skeletons.

Instead of risking their lives, players can create a composter and start filling it with whatever flowers they find in the wild. This will slowly raise the level of the composter until it is full and can be harvested for bone meal. It may not be the most efficient way to do things, but it’s a neat trick to figure out in a pinch.

two cook a suspicious stew

The flowers cannot be eaten as-is, but can be cooked into a fishy stew, which is also something players can find when looting underwater shipwrecks. Suspicious Stews can be crafted with a variety of status effects, depending on which flower the player uses to make them.

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The stew requires a wooden bowl, a brown and red mushroom, as well as a flower of the player’s choosing. Most of these effects only last a few seconds, so they’re not a replacement for potion brewing, but rather a fun, short-lived effect. Here’s what players can expect from each flower that can be added:

  • withered rose:
    wither effect

  • Blue Orchid and/or Dandelion:
    Saturation effect (increases fullness)

  • Poppy:
    night vision effect

  • there:
    fire resistance effect

  • Lily of the valley:
    poison effect

  • Tulip:
    Weakness Effect

  • Light blue:
    blindness effect

  • Cornflower:
    jump boost effect

  • Daisy flower:
    regeneration effect

1 feed them to the rabbits

Looking to make a rabbit farm? In that case, players will need to collect some flowers. In particular, they will need a bouquet of dandelions, as these are the flowers with which the elusive rabbits can be enticed and bred. They can also be used to raise rabbits, similar to other mobs that can be raised.

While rabbits aren’t a good food source and rabbit fur isn’t particularly useful, rabbit feet are a rare drop that can be used to make jumping potions to increase the player’s jump height.

Minecraft is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and many other platforms.

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