Minecraft guide to setting up an enchanting area

Minecraft guide to setting up an enchanting area
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Minecraft guide to setting up an enchanting area

Enchanting is one of the most powerful systems available in Minecraft. The enchantment will grant players access to enchantments such as fortune, allowing them to get more items from channeling individual blocks. It will allow players to call lightning bolts on command during lightning storms and repair. This allows items to be repaired by experience orbs.

Given the powerful nature of enchanting, knowing how to set up an area to enchant items is vital. Below are some basic tips for creating lovely settings for different stages of Minecraft.

How to create three different Minecraft enchantment setups, increasing in complexity

Basic configuration

A very basic lovely setup (Image via Minecraft)
A very basic lovely setup (Image via Minecraft)

The most basic enchantment setup that players can do by simply setting up a single enchantment table. These enchantment tables can be difficult to create early in the game, as they require some materials that are hard to come by early on. Enchanting tables require four obsidian, two diamonds, and a single book.

Diamonds can be obtained early in the game in a variety of ways including shipwrecks, buried treasure, and mining. Obsidian can be acquired by mining it with a Diamond Pickaxe or it can be found in chests near ruined portals.

Books can be found in ancient cities, shipwrecks, fortresses, and desert or plains towns, or can be crafted from three papers and a single piece of leather.

Level 30 configuration

An upgraded level 30 enchanting setup (Image via Minecraft)
An upgraded level 30 enchanting setup (Image via Minecraft)

However, using an enchantment table at the base level is not recommended, as it will only grant access to single level enchantments.

Players can increase the level of enchantment available by adding to the number of shelves with uninterrupted line of sight to the enchantment table with a single block gap between the two. To access the full level 30 enchantments, players must have 15 bookshelves near the enchantment table.

Players must establish a sugar cane farm to obtain the massive amount of paper needed to make the necessary shelves. Players can use a body of water near their base to make a manual sugarcane farm or a fully automated sugarcane farm.

In order to get the leather needed to make the books needed to create a level 30 enchanting setting, players must find at least two cows and use them to set up a cow farm, such as a cow shredder.

Developed Configuration

A fully equipped level 30 charming setup (Image via Minecraft)
A fully equipped level 30 charming setup (Image via Minecraft)

Players can add a few extra things to their lovely setup to take it to the next level. This includes three main components. The first of these components is an anvil.

Anvil will allow players to combine two identical items with matching or matching enchantments to add them together for higher level enchantments. Additionally, anvils will allow players to rename items and apply book enchantments to items.

The second of these elements is the whetstone. The main draw of the grindstone is the ability to remove all enchantments from an item and return some experience to the player.

This is useful for players looking for specific enchantments that are more rare, such as fortune. They also allow players to break down enchanted mob drops to gain back some XP to use on new enchantments.

The latest addition is the quality of life addition. This is to add storage to the enchantment area through chests or barrels. Players can store the lapis lazuli needed to enchant in these storage areas, so they don’t need to remember to bring them with them. Additionally, players can store books that are useful for resetting available enchantments.

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