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Call Of Duty Warzone: Tips For Fortune’s Keep

Call Of Duty Warzone: Tips For Fortune’s Keep
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Call Of Duty Warzone: Tips For Fortune’s Keep

call of duty: war zone first introduced players to the latest Fortune’s Keep map on June 22, 2022, with the release of Season 4 and is a smaller map in the call of duty: war zone Battle Royale installment series.

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Some returning players war zone you might feel a bit intimidated by the latest map design, which feels more constrained and cohesive compared to the larger, more open, high-rise exploration areas fondly known in the previous map and fondly cherished from Verdansk. However, players may now become more familiar with the key areas and points of interest in Fortune’s Keep, with strategies and tips for all types of players taking shape gradually, no matter how long this map remains in the game. .


10 Lighthouse landing point and central sniper

For players wondering what the best landing spots are on the Fortune’s Keep map, the lighthouse area can be a good place to start your gradual progress. The beacon itself will appeal to players who are fond of sniping, and for good reason. It gives players a good strategic advantage with its broad, wide view of the map. It also provides more coverage than the adjacent power grid, but is likely to draw the player’s attention.

The zip line also provides a quick entry and escape point. When ready to move forward, players can either maneuver into the Cellar or stay outside the Camp.

9 keepers of the fortress

The Keep’s upper internal stairs and popular landing area provide great vantage points for players who enjoy shooting weapons like the Kar98k or HDR, with decent views of the surrounding rooftop areas useful for spotting incoming players. The top of the stairs is mostly freestanding, so players just need to watch out for sneak attacks from the stairs as they search for players through the windows.

Jumping out of windows and running across rooftops, parkour style is also a useful escape strategy if things start to get too dangerous.

8 Guardians of the gate

The Gatehouse is a fast and hectic area of ​​the map that attracts a lot of players. It does, however, have two useful ziplines for quick entries or exits, as well as a central four-door building along the main walkway that can be defended as a camping spot.

Catwalk bridges can leave players exposed with little cover, so it’s best to avoid staying out in the open for too long. Players must move quickly in this chaotic zone to stay in the game.

7 Warehouse cleaning

The Winery is another favorite landing spot for players. It’s a collection of stacked buildings, sometimes interconnected, with an outside vineyard area at the back, which is useful for gaining some distance from the heat and refueling. There are plenty of vines to toggle from floor to ceiling, plus a large main cellar area with views, penetrable windows, as well as a small internal ledge where campers are expected.

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One tactic is to sneak from building to building hunting to hunt down other players, but avoiding the main courtyard area and bell tower, which can leave players vulnerable.

6 underground tunnel systems

In the center of The Grotto, towards the middle of the Fortune’s Keep map, are two large openings that lead to a system of underground tunnels that connect the Smugglers Bay, Overlook, and Lighthouse areas. There is also a tunnel that links Smugglers Bay to the Overlook area on the southwestern side of the map.

Much like the underground airport tunnels in Verdansk, players can parachute directly into the Grotto’s large holes and use them to sneak into other areas of the map while quickly looting. This can be especially useful for game modes like Plunder, which appears in the latest map rotation playlist.

5 Prison exit points

Players who like to hug the perimeter of the map can find uses for the prison entry and exit points at the domed landmark on the west side of the Terraces and Gatehouse areas.

When players descend to the lowest level of the dome, they will find a prison with numerous holes in the cell walls, leading to rocky terrain. This can be perfect for players who like to grab loot and hunt other players on the edges, providing a quick route back into the action as needed.

4 Keep Looking Up: Vines and Stairs

There are climbing vines and ladders dotted around most areas of the map and they can be useful for players moving up and down the terrain, especially for those players who like to quickly run around in circles to try to catch or sneak up on people. other players.

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In theory, they could also be used for location-based stealth tactics, as players can grab onto them and watch for players below, which could be more effective for higher vine areas around The Keep’s perimeter.

3 player tracking

As the Fortune’s Keep map has such an intricate and complex layout, sometimes it’s best to follow and hunt down players as soon as you see them, especially in areas like the city. This area is another popular landing spot due to the rooftops, where it can be easy to lose sight of other players in the maze of alleys and buildings.

It remains to be seen if the complex design features or other aspects of Fortune’s Keep’s level design will appear in the highly anticipated next Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Map.

two defend an area

For newcomers to multiplayer FPS games or players who may still be getting used to the layout of Fortune’s Keep, it may be more effective to simply focus on learning the ropes of one area and defending it, before moving on to other areas of the map. In this way, players can learn the strengths and weaknesses of each area, while learning more and adjusting their own styles of play.

There is no area to defend in war zone, so it really comes down to player preference and learning which areas can be used to be most successful.

1 deadly distraction

Hiding in the corner of a room is one of the oldest tricks in the book that may be unfamiliar to newcomers. war zone players This tactic is not level specific and is also used to distract players with sounds, such as breaking one of the windows before hiding in a corner. Players can enter a room hoping to escape through a window, get distracted by the broken window, and then get attacked.

Regardless of changes to the map, it is always important to keep in mind and adapt the use of features such as footsteps and window breaking sounds based on the situation and location.

call of duty: war zone is available to play now on Xbox, PC and PlayStation.

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