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How Resident Evil Village DLC Could Be Setting Up RE9

How Resident Evil Village DLC Could Be Setting Up RE9
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How Resident Evil Village DLC Could Be Setting Up RE9

Resident Evil Village’s upcoming DLC, Shadows of Rose, may set up Resident Evil 9’s story by removing Rose Winters’ supernatural powers.

The next shades of pink downloadable content for Resident Evil Village could be setting up heroine Rose Winters as the leading lady of Resident Evil 9. The latest installment in the classic survival horror series sees protagonist Ethan Winters travel to a small European town in search of his missing daughter. The result is a heart-pounding experience as players battle hordes of werewolves, alluring vampires, and even more unspeakable horrors. the Resident Evil Village downloadable content shades of pink will explore the aftermath of Ethan’s European adventure, and likely plant the seeds of Resident Evil 9 also.


Resident Evil Village served as direct successor to beloved Resident Evil 7: biohazard while also borrowing elements from the classic shooter game Resident Evil 4. 2017 Resident Evil 7 it served as a return to form for the long-running franchise, with the title ditching international espionage and worldwide zombie outbreaks in favor of an isolated setting and an emphasis on horror. Despite using a first-person perspective like its predecessor, Resident Evil Village it puts a lot more emphasis on combat by reintroducing mechanics like melee attacks and a vendor selling guns and ammo. Resident Evil Village features a chainsaw tank, for example, which demonstrates his much greater focus on the action compared to the more subdued Resident Evil 7.

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Weather shades of pink will build on Resident Evil Village, will apparently offer a very different experience. The next expansion will take place many years later. Village, with Ethan’s young daughter Rose now serving as a 16-year-old playable hero. The DLC will bring players back to the European setting of the main game, albeit featuring a twisted version of the location based on Rose’s dark memories. It has also been established that Rose possesses supernatural powers, which will apparently play a prominent role in shades of pink and its survival horror gameplay. The expansion will be played in third person, rather than first person, and according to the developers, the difficulty in the shades of pink The DLC will be much more difficult than the base game.

Resident Evil 9 may star a Rose Winters without powers

Based on the changes that are being introduced with shades of pinkit seems likely that Resident Evil 9 will bring back the young heroine as a playable hero. The next Resident Evil Village The expansion will take Rose on a third-person adventure through her own mind, with the ostensible goal of removing her powers and the Moho fungus infection. the events of shades of pink can leave Rose as a normal human, which would allow her to serve as a more typical protagonist in Resident Evil 9. This ninth entry in the series could go on from town ending with Rose on an international adventure, paying homage to resident Evil 6 Such as Resident Evil Village taken from Resident Evil 4.

While the story of Resident Evil 9 is a complete mystery, it is likely that the title is a direct continuation of Resident Evil Village. If Rose is destined to follow her father Ethan as the franchise’s next lead, shades of pink could be setting this stage by taking away his supernatural powers. This would then allow Resident Evil 9 follow the loose ends left by Resident Evil Villageinvolving government conspiracies and international intrigue.

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