Fortnite YouTuber finds glitch to earn up to 1 million XP in Creative

Fortnite YouTuber finds glitch to earn up to 1 million XP in Creative
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Fortnite YouTuber finds glitch to earn up to 1 million XP in Creative

The Battle Pass for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is without a doubt one of the best to date. In addition to some awesome outfits created by the developers, it also features the iconic Darth Vader at level 100. Getting your hands on this coveted outfit is one of the many reasons players want to level up fast.

Interestingly, players will need to earn over 7,000,000 XP to reach level 100 in the current season. While this number definitely looks daunting, regular players can easily pull it off, but it will take quite a bit of time to do so. For those unwilling to put in that much effort, there are XP glitches that offer up to 1,000,000 XP in just a few minutes.

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Bugs in Fortnite fall into a gray area. While there are some glitches that stem from faulty code, others are often deliberately created to pay off. These can be found in creative mode, hidden within articulately designed XP maps. In fact, players can use the code 1487-3213-6612 to access one of those maps.

Fortnite YouTuber shares a new XP glitch map

Popular Fortnite YouTuber Dagwummy recently shared the code for an XP map that pays around 1,000,000 XP. All it requires from players is to visit the island from the creative mode of the game and perform certain commendable tasks to receive XP, which can even be collected when AFK.

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You can follow these simple steps to receive XP:

  • The player must first enter creative mode. After entering it, the player must enter this map code 1487-3213-6612 in the center to navigate to the island.
  • Once the player has reached the island, they must continue forward and interact with the XP SHOP button on the wall. Pressing this will take the player into a room.
  • Players must spend at least 10 minutes inside this room. There is a timer present inside the room. During this period, they will be awarded XP.
  • Once the wait is over, the player must go ahead and interact with the AFK XP BUTTON on the wall and then interact with the Return to Arena button.
  • Doing so will transport the player back to the arena.
  • The player now needs to find a phone booth and build a three step ramp structure out of a mat and perform an emote.
  • Once they do this, the player will be able to find a button that they need to interact with.
  • Upon interaction, the player will be transported to a locked room, where they must aim at the upper left and right corners of the front wall and interact with the buttons there.
  • Interacting with these buttons will provide players with XP.
  • If needed, the player can now go AFK while receiving XP.

Interestingly, XP farming is nothing new to Fortnite. Since its release, opportunistic players have been exploiting the system to find new ways to earn XP. While most players enjoy pushing themselves to reach the top tier of the Battle Pass, others just don’t have the time to do so and resort to such practices instead.

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Developers are very cautious when it comes to exploiting the XP system. Every time a creative map is submitted, it goes through strict scrutiny. If a map does not meet the reward parameters, it is rejected or XP is reduced. Sometimes some astute Fortnite Creative users manage to incorporate layered tactics within high-paying maps.

This particular creative map is one such example, where the user has deliberately created a multi-layered interaction mechanic to hide the flawed XP rewards system. Such maps usually don’t last long and are eventually removed by the developers. Interested players should use such XP glitches at their own risk.

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