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Dead by Daylight (DBD) Update 6.2.0 PTB Patch Notes

Dead by Daylight (DBD) Update 6.2.0 PTB Patch Notes
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Dead by Daylight (DBD) Update 6.2.0 PTB Patch Notes

dead by daylighteither HDwelcomes his latest crossover in the form of Resident Evil Project W. It is now available on the game’s Public Test Build (PTB) servers starting August 9, 2022. That means players can get their hands on the new demonic resident-content centered before Resident Evil Project W free in its entirety.

this is the second demonic resident crossover for asynchronous horror game dead by daylight. Players are usually invited to test new content via PTB servers to provide feedback and try out new additions before an official release date is confirmed. Downloading and playing on PTB servers is free for everyone, although it is only available for PC players on Steam.

As of the latest PTB update, dead by daylight players will be able to try out the new Assassin, Albert Wesker. Survivors Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers will also be on hand. They join the Killer Nemesis and two existing Survivors, Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine. demonic resident has long been a favorite of dead by daylight and horror fans alike, so this new collaboration comes as no surprise.

If you want to try the new demonic resident characters that come to dead by daylightyou can join the Resident Evil: Project W PTB environment now. Be sure to also check out the official patch notes to get up to speed on what each character can do.

Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil: Project W
Dead by Daylight players can try out new Resident Evil characters on the game’s Public Test Build server beginning August 9, 2022.
Interactive Behavior

‘Dead by Daylight’ Update 6.2.0 Patch Notes: ‘Resident Evil: Project W’ PTB

New killer: the brain

New Perk: Superior Anatomy

When a survivor performs a quick jump within 8 meters of you, this perk activates. The next time he jumps a window, his jumping speed will increase by 30, 35, or 40 percent. This perk is disabled after jumping a window. This perk has a 30 second cooldown.

New Perk: Awakened Consciousness

When carrying a Survivor, you can see the aura of other Survivors within 16/18/20 meters of your position. Auras revealed in this way remain for two seconds after you stop carrying the survivor.

New Perk: Terminus

When exit gates are activated, this perk activates. While the perk is active, wounded, knocked down, and grappled survivors receive the broken status effect until the exit doors open. When exit doors are open, Survivors will remain broken for an additional 20/25/30 seconds.

New Survivor – Ada Wong

New Perk: Wiretapping

After repairing generators for a total of 33 percent, this buff kicks in. After repairing a generator for at least three seconds, press the Skill button to set up a Spy Trap, which remains active for 60/70/80 seconds. The trapped generator’s aura is revealed in yellow to all Survivors. When the Killer comes within 14 meters of the trapped generator, his aura is revealed to all Survivors. Damaging the generator destroys the Wiretap.

New Perk: Reactive Heal

When another Survivor loses a health within 32 yards of you while you are wounded, instantly increase your healing scaling by 25, 30, or 35 percent of the missing healing scaling.

New benefit: low profile

When you become the last survivor, this perk activates. Hide your scratch marks and blood puddles for 70/80/90 seconds.

New Survivor – Rebecca Chambers

New benefit: better than new

Upon completing a heal action on another survivor, the targeted survivor gains a 6 percent speed increase to generator repair, healing, chest opening, and totem clearing for 25/30/35 seconds.

New Perk: Peace of Mind

When you are within a 6 meter radius around a hooked Survivor, use the active 2 button to pause their fight progression for 20/25/30 seconds. If they are in the fighting phase, it also stops fighting skill checks. This perk has a 40 second cooldown.

New Perk: Hyper Focus

After making a grand skill check while repairing or healing, this perk gains 1 token, up to six tokens. Each token increases the chance of the skill check triggering by 2%, the skill check cursor speed by 4%, and the bonus progression for excellent skill checks by 10/20/30% its base value. The advantage loses all tokens on a normal Skill Test success, Skill Test failure, or if it stops performing the action by any means.

read the full dead by daylight Update 6.2.0 Patch Notes on the official blog of the game.

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