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The most evil animals in video games

The most evil animals in video games
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The most evil animals in video games

Just because it’s furry and cuddly doesn’t mean an animal in video games is willing to dole out free pet coupons. Because some animals are, well, animals and can actually do more harm than good to humans if the latter doesn’t set limits. Those are the milder cases when it comes to most video game fauna. The most extreme case is animals evil enough to become villains.

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There seems to be no shortage of them in video games. Some are considered “morally” bad for their destructive instincts, while others are aware of what they do and enjoy the chaos they sow. The following examples of evil video game animals are here to prove that they’re not here for pets, they’re here for mayhem.


8 Goose – Untitled Goose Game

That damn goose in the Untitled Goose Game he’s not the villain per se, but he might as well be. Throughout the chill game, players were tasked with controlling the goose to cause as much conflict as possible in the realm of man. Activities include bullying of the visually impaired, theft of garden equipment, and the destruction of mail, among many other pestilences to society.

Of course, it is the players who execute this mission at the behest of the game, but it is easily the initiative of the goose, since the completion of these tasks leads to a sense of achievement for him. One could argue that the goose is nothing more than a mere vessel for its controller’s drive and offspring to bring about anarchy in a society with too many rules. either the goose is pure evil and wants to cause as much damage as it can in its mean form.

7 Goat – Goat Simulator

Similar to the goose in the Untitled Goose Gamethe goat in goat simulator he is not only an agent of anarchy, he is also a substitute for Satan. There is evidence of this throughout the game, unlike the Untitled Goose Game where the goose can be ambiguously mean or just plain neutral. the goat in goat simulator is a certified member of a local satanic cult in the setting of a small town in the game.

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There is even a not-so-hidden ritual circle surrounded by other members of the goat who await the arrival of the player goat to become the herald of hell. However, not much happens after the ritual is complete; It could also be nothing more than a metal band gone berserk, but seeing as the goat destroys everything it touches, all roads lead to doom.

6 Alduin – Skyrim

What? Dragons are animals. They are often classified as oversized, fire-breathing, flying reptiles. Most of them are quite animal in Skyrim also. Their hierarchical rules and lack of social structure don’t make them too different from the typical violent mud crab. In any case, Alduin is the most powerful and therefore the most destructive among them.

His other title is literally the Eater of Worlds, where he runs and lords over domains just because he can and because he is the first dragon. In the Norse pantheon, Alduin is also considered the God of Destruction. Had he not accidentally given Dragonborn some powers, he would have continued to rule Skyrim, destroying all who dare oppose him.

5 Zombie Dog – Resident Evil

Some evil animals are not evil by choice. Many of them were just victims of circumstances. The best example of this would be the zombie dogs in demon resident. It exists in one of the most classic jump scares ever devised in gaming. As players lead Jill Valentine down a narrow, ominously lit hallway, one of these zombie dogs will appear through the window, not only to nibble on Jill’s throat, but also give them a heart attack.

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Suffice it to say that the zombie dogs in demonic residentIt has probably done more damage to the player’s psyche than most other evil animals in video games. The trauma they bring is persistent enough to invade people’s dreams and also instill a phobia of dogs that didn’t exist before.

4 Deathclaw – Fallout series

In a nuclear wasteland riddled with zombies, hulking super mutants, and pockets of radiation, there’s not much else that could pose a threat, is there? Well, that is until players run into a Deathclaw, which is practically a large walking demonic lizard: the apex predator of the wasteland.

They are the result of the greed of the United States in the Falluniverse. Initially, deathclaws were intended to be genetically engineered replacements for normal infantry, but the experiment backfired and they escaped. Since then, the Deathclaws went out and smashed everything and ruled the wasteland just because they could.

3 Shark – Man Eater

The players could be the protagonists of the video game Man eater while controlling a great white shark, but that doesn’t mean they’re the heroes of the story. In any case, they are the plague of the seas; the shark that players control here appears to be insatiable and has the metabolism of a meat grinder.

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the goal in Man eater is swimming around shorelines on vacation while eating as many humans as possible. So the game pretty much tells players to ruin not only everyone’s vacations, but also their families’ lives as they try to deal with the aftermath of a brutal and unjustified shark attack, assuming they survive.

two Deviljho – Monster Hunter Series

Speaking of hungry and insatiable beasts, Deviljho in the Monster hunter mythos is the terrestrial version of the shark in Man eater. The community collectively agreed to nickname it “Pickle” due to its bright green structure, but make no mistake, the Deviljho is more of a pest than a predator in any environment where it is unleashed.

That’s because it’s the most territorial monster in the game. A Deviljho’s purpose or drive is to continue invading territories once its food source is exhausted; it just so happens that his food sources keep running out as he is always hungry. Therefore, any ecosystem or human society is always in trouble with a Deviljho in close proximity.

1 God-Eating Serpent – ​​Elden Ring

Still, the Deviljho and the Man eater the shark’s appetite pales in comparison to the horrors created by elden ring. Because an animal deity in that game, called God-Eating Serpent, lives up to her name. Her appetite knows no bounds and she even consumed and assimilated one of the most powerful demigods in the game’s lore.

That didn’t stop the God Devouring Serpent; she even fixed her eyes on the servants of the demigod. He even got to the point where both travelers and servants were tricked into the monster’s chambers as some kind of treacherous food delivery service because the God-Eating Serpent is too lazy or too heavy to hunt.

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