Top 10 Minecraft City Building Ideas in 2022

Top 10 Minecraft City Building Ideas in 2022
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Top 10 Minecraft City Building Ideas in 2022

Minecraft is full of interesting and extreme builds. From huge megabases to medieval castles and even expansive farms and villages, the limits of Minecraft are only what players decide and how they can achieve it from the blocks available in the game.

One of the biggest potential projects a player can undertake is creating an entire city within Minecraft. The biggest challenge in creating these venues is how large they are, both horizontally in the space they cover, vertically in height, and how imposing the buildings are.

10 Builds To Help Make A Minecraft Town Feel Much More Real

1) Apartments and storefronts

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New York City is one of the largest cities in the world and the largest city within the US and one of its most iconic features is the apartment buildings situated directly above the small neighborhood stores and restaurants independent.

Including them within Minecraft would help add a bit of flair, as characters can customize shops to break up the monotony of the city. Additionally, players could even house their trading villages within different shops, to make the shops really functional.

2) Generic high-rise buildings

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When the word city comes to mind, what visual comes with it? Often these are towering skyscrapers, which seem to disappear into the seemingly endless clouds above.

Any player who wants to create a city in Minecraft, a real city, needs to include at least a handful of generic, potentially empty, skyscrapers just to add detail and act as filler for the city.

3) hospitals

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When the thought of civilization comes to mind, what comes next? One of the first things that could appear are hospitals, as they represent everything that nature does not represent: a refusal to come to an end due to any circumstance that may occur in the forest.

These buildings present another option that would be of little use to players, as they can be healed simply by eating. However, they add too much to the realism of the city to be ignored.

4) Schools

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Much like the hospital mentioned above, having different schools for different levels of education is incredibly important for players who want to add a bit of depth and realism to their cities.

There’s no practical purpose for the buildings to exist, except perhaps to house Minecraft’s dimwitted villagers in an ironic twist of fate.

5) Roads, sidewalks and roundabouts

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For most players, the roads, sidewalks, and roundabouts between city buildings may be nothing more than an afterthought, something that does nothing more than make it easier for players to get from point A to point B.

However, if players spend a little more time and care to add detail and logic to the road systems that make up the city, they will add a lot to the realism of the city, even if the effect is mostly subconscious. .

6) Fire Station

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A fire station is another stable building that any city would logically have at least one, up to several depending on the size of the city. While there is no logical reason for a city in Minecraft to have a fire station, it is simply a building that would add realism and logic to the city.

This building would also give players the opportunity to use bricks, which are an incredibly difficult block to use in most places, but are perfectly suited for a fire station.

Additionally, it will give players a chance to practice making difficult builds, including the fire engine itself, which will probably be difficult to translate with blocks.

7) Light poles

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Lampposts will be vital to players trying to build a city for a reason: they will ensure that the streets remain well lit and do not become infested with hostile mobs every time the sun goes down.

If players take a little more time and care, and make sure the light poles aren’t just there for a token effect, but something that others will take the time to stop and examine, it’ll turn out great. It’s impossible to overstate the impact on realism, even if that impact is, as with many other items on this list, subconscious.

8) Housing and suburbs

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The skyline of a major city is just as iconic: filled with cloud-kissing towers that exemplify the extent of human ingenuity. Perhaps there are few other images that are as iconic as they are depressing, one of them is the extension of houses and suburbs that arise in the outskirts of cities in large extensions.

This gives players the opportunity to make potential houses for villages, should they wish to incorporate their villager trading area into their city build. It would also allow them to experiment with different house constructions.

9) Bank

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A bank is a natural addition to any large-scale city. Players can take inspiration from real-world banks, like the big, imposing banks found in places like New York City and Washington DC, and use copious amounts of quartz and concrete to get the clean, shiny look they typically have. This buildings.

However, the biggest draw to adding a bank to a city build is that the bank can be a practical building that players regularly interact with, rather than just filler to add to the illusion. This can be done by adding a storage system and area to the bank, so players can store their items instead of money. A barter system would also work well, if you are playing with others on a server.

10) Gardens

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One trap that many cities, both player-designed in Minecraft and those that exist in real life, fall into is the lack of any signs of natural life or vegetation. This can turn urban landscapes from impressive statements about humanity’s ability to shape the natural world, to terrifying expanses of concrete and boredom.

Adding some well-placed and well-designed parks or gardens in a Minecraft city build will help add a bit of freshness. It will keep the city from feeling like an oppressive prison and more like a place where people enjoy living.

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