Minecraft: how hunger works

Minecraft: how hunger works
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Minecraft: how hunger works

Minecraft it is primarily a survival game, although it was also an immersive creative mode that allows players to build whatever they want with unlimited resources. Its survival sandbox environment, however, is often considered its core gameplay and the main way players enjoy the game. This mode drops players into the middle of a random world, where they need to gather resources to survive and prosper.

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something that each Minecraft player needs to worry about is his Hunger. The Hunger bar is located just above the XP bar in the middle of the screen and must be frequently replenished by eating various foods available in the game. How does hunger really work? What happens when the bar runs out completely? And what exactly does the Hunger Bar jitter effect mean? East Minecraft hunger guide You must answer all these questions.


How the hunger bar works in Minecraft

The Hunger bar consists of drumsticks. There are a total of ten of them, and as players perform various activities in the game, they will slowly begin to run out. The most important thing to remember is that one hunger point is equal to half a drumstick. This will come in handy when players start choosing the types of food they want to eat.

There are tons of different foods in the game, some bad and some good. Some will fill more drumsticks, while others can give the player food poisoning, which instead drains the Hunger bar. To find out which foods are the best, check out this guide on the best Minecraft foods

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So why is the Hunger bar so important? A full Hunger bar allows players to regenerate health in-game, which is key to staying alive. Only one drumstick must be missing at most for players to continue to regenerate health. If this bar is completely depleted, players will start to starve and lose their hearts, but they can only die completely if they are playing on Hard difficulty. Also, around 3 drumsticks or 6 hunger points, they will not be able to run.

Two stats: hunger and saturation

The hunger bar may not look like it, but it shows two stats instead of just hunger points in the form of drumsticks:

  • Hunger Points: The number of drumsticks is still visible on the bar. Each type of food fills a certain number of points.
  • Hunger Saturation: The edgy, wavy animation of the hunger bar. The more you move, the lower the saturation. Saturation is what prevents the bar from depleting and allows the player to be full longer. Each type of food has different types of saturation values.

the Minecraft Wiki defines the common value between Hunter points and hunger saturation as food. Foods that provide a lot of hunger points and tons of saturation rank high on this Nutrition scale, and vice versa.

This means that players need to take care of these two stats when eating food. The common mistake players make is to just eat the best food (high Nutrition value) immediately to fill up the drumsticks, but this is actually a bit of a waste. Players can eat foods with lower hunger and saturation points (low nutrition value), and at the last thigh, they can switch to a better type of food with good hunger saturation.

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For example, to fill the hunger bar with hunger points, you can consume a lot of apples, carrots, glow berries, and other foods with a fairly low Nutrition value. Then, at the top of the bar, they can fill the last thigh with steak or even a golden apple, which will also give players great saturation.

Some activities deplete the hunger bar more than others

most of Minecraft activities will have an effect on the hunger bar by depleting the player’s character. These activities will lower the saturation level and create that rippled or jittery effect that is on the hunger bar. This means that hunger will start to wear off sooner. The higher the depletion value of an activity, the more it drains saturation.

The good news is that the most common activities won’t punish the player too much, and mining is actually one of the best activities due to how little it drains the player (only 0.005 per mined block). Monsters that run, jump, swim, and fight will increase this value up to 0.1, and jumping actually costs 0.2.

The Hunger status effect will also drain saturation, depending on its severity. Food poisoning from rotten meat will increase this depletion to 3.0, while consuming puffer fish will penalize players a whopping 4.5. That said, the most exhausting activity is actually regenerating health, which at around nine hunger points will drain the player by 6.0.

Minecraft is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and many other platforms.

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