How to Redeem Fortnite Gift Card (2022)

How to Redeem Fortnite Gift Card (2022)
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How to Redeem Fortnite Gift Card (2022)

Fortnite is one of the most financially successful games of the modern era, with revenues of over $5.8 billion in 2021. The wide range of licensed cosmetics and unique items to purchase has fueled Fortnite to unbelievable heights, and many of the game’s contemporaries have adopted the same free-to-play model to keep pace.

A way that Fortnite makes its money through its virtual currency, V-Bucks, which can be spent on season battle passes, limited-time skins, and leveling items at fortnite battle royale Y Save the world. Although these V-Bucks can be purchased directly from the in-game store, physical gift cards are also available for retail sale, allowing players to get packs like DC’s “Last Laugh Bundle” or Marvel’s Royalty and Warriors Pack. without entering your details online. .


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This guide will show you Fortnite amateurs how to use your gift cards to redeem items and V-Bucks in your account on Android, Switch, PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

How to log into epic games

First of all, gift card owners must have an Epic Games account and access to a browser. Start by visiting the official Epic Games website. From here, loopers will need to log into the account they want to redeem the code on; they can do this easily by clicking the icon in the top right and using your single login for the platform they use.

For example, Nintendo Switch players can sign in with their Nintendo Account, and Xbox and PlayStation players can do the same.

Once the player’s account is linked, they must make sure the username matches the one they play by checking the upper right icon again.

How to redeem V-Bucks

Now for players who redeem V-Bucks gift cards, they will need to visit to the officer Fortnite pageClick on your name in the top right corner and scroll down to “Redeem V-Bucks”. Here, click “Start” and scratch off the foil to reveal the PIN code on the back of the card. Enter the code in the box, omitting the hyphens, and click “Next”.

As V-Bucks are a platform-exclusive currency, not shared between consoles, players will need to select the device you want to redeem them on. As long as the details players entered match the account they’re playing on, they should be able to select the correct device, as platforms without a linked account will be grayed out.

For Android, Switch, and PC users, V-Bucks will now be available in your account to get some new Fortnite skins when restarting your game.

For Xbox and PlayStation users, after entering the code they will be taken to a page with a 12 or 25 character code which will also be sent to the user’s linked email address. can then enter this code in the Xbox or PlayStation stores.

How to redeem exclusive skins

Unlike V-Bucks, skin packs like “The Last Laugh” come with gift cards that work exclusively on their respective platforms. As such, players only need to visit the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch stores to redeem the exclusive. Fortnite Skins.

How to redeem platform exclusive codes on console and PC

On the Nintendo switch, select Nintendo eShop from the “HOME” menu and choose the account used to play Fortnite. In the left side menu, select “Redeem Code” to enter the PIN and claim the rewards.

On PC, simply visit the official Epic Games site, log in, and click “Redeem Code” under the username in the top right.

On PlayStation 4 and 5, visit the store to the left of the main menu and navigate to the ‘…’ icon in the top right cornernext to the basket. Scroll down to “Redeem Code” and enter the 15-character code provided by Epic to claim the V-Bucks or skins.

On Xbox One and Series X/S, press the ‘Xbox’ button on the controller to open the guide and select “Store”. Next, press the “View” button to open the side menu, and scroll down to “Redeem” to enter the 25-character code.

Fortnite It is currently available for Android, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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