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Here’s why Call of Duty: Warzone fans want Verdansk back

Here’s why Call of Duty: Warzone fans want Verdansk back
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Here’s why Call of Duty: Warzone fans want Verdansk back

During the week of August 1, 2022, “Verdansk” began trending on Twitter as an influx of gamers and influencers like ModernWarzone pleaded with Activision to bring back the beloved. Obligations: war zone Map. Caldera, the map that replaced Verdansk in 2021, did not resonate with players, even after numerous improvements and updates.


– ModernWarzone (@ModernWarzone) August 4, 2022

As we get closer to the release of Call of Duty Warzone 2.0, a brand new game due for release in 2022, many are nostalgic for the original map from the first game. It’s unclear if Verdansk will appear, at least in some capacity, in the new game, but players have expressed interest in seeing it one last time at the end of Call of Duty: Warzone life cycle. But why are fans so eager for Verdansk’s return?

Will Verdansk return to Warzone during Season 5?

Helicopter character flying over Verdansk in Warzone.

Until now, we have not heard anything about the return of Verdansk in call of duty: war zone Season 5 despite pleas from fans. While Verdansk is unlikely to return to war zone in a traditional 120-player Battle Royale mode, his return could work as a scripted limited-time event. Unsurprisingly, Activision has yet to respond to requests from the community as it focuses on developing Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 and keeping Call of Duty: Warzone current maps: Caldera, Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep.

As popular YouTuber JGOD puts it, “It would probably be impossible for Verdansk to come back unless [Activision has] been secretly working on it as if they were with Fortune’s Keep. Still, this hasn’t stopped the community from tweeting about it.


– Isaac (@IceManIsaac) July 31, 2022

Why do fans want Verdansk back?

Main building in Verdansk city center in Warzone

Sure, Verdansk had its flaws, but it’s widely preferred over Caldera. Interestingly, after a year of Verdansk, players complained and asked Raven to add a new map. So we didn’t know how good we had it. In many ways, nostalgia has a lot to do with it, but when it comes to design, it’s easy to see why Verdansk is so beloved.

One thing it did have going for it was the sheer amount of variety in its points of interest (POIs). It had a densely populated downtown area, lots of apartment buildings, a carnival, a moving train, and the beloved Storage Town section. I long for the “hot drop” days at Superstore, a large POI grocery store filled with little touches that gave it character. While Caldera certainly has a more vibrant color palette than Verdansk, it lacks much variety from a design perspective, with fewer interesting areas throughout.

Verdansk also had a lot of little areas that felt like they had a story attached to them, they felt inhabited. For example, the crashed plane in the field on the north side of the map, or even the airport, which had a giant hole in the runway that led to an underground area. All of this helped make the city feel like a living, breathing world. Caldera has, at times, implemented similar ideas, but overall the map still feels soulless at times with fewer memorable areas.

sincerely bring back to verdansk please

– marshmello (@marshmello) August 1, 2022

The biggest problem with Caldera is how its points of interest are organized. In the center is a tall mountain called Peak, which is a hotspot. The rest of the interesting POIs like Docks, Capital, and Arsenal are mostly on the outskirts of the map, with plenty of emptiness in between. This makes the middle and late portions of a match feel like hard work, as most players will be pushed into these empty areas as they try to move for cover. You’re practically a sitting duck as you make your way through the stretches of barren land. And even if they don’t remove it before reaching safety, the trek through these areas is often uninteresting.

Playing in Verdansk had less downtime thanks to its design. It wasn’t perfect, but the sections between the main points of interest were usually full of cover, which made it more interesting and easier to get from point A to point B.

Many players took to Twitter to express their interest in playing Verdansk again, saying it would bring them back into the game. While Call of Duty isn’t in jeopardy in terms of its player base, the franchise has lost 50 million users since March 2021, so reintroducing the beloved map could be lucrative for Activision.

Only time will tell if Verdansk will return, but given the franchise’s history and knack for nostalgia, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the map return one day. Hopefully Activision can make it happen in Obligations: Warzone 2.0.

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