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Resident Evil Village DLC May Officialize Capcom’s Franchise Soft Reboot

Resident Evil Village DLC May Officialize Capcom’s Franchise Soft Reboot
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Resident Evil Village DLC May Officialize Capcom’s Franchise Soft Reboot

Yesterday Capcom held a half hour showcase with many exciting updates on games like monster hunter, EXOPRIMAL, Dragon’s DogmaY demonic resident. Unsurprisingly, given the hype over the recently announced new version of Resident Evil 4, demonic resident spent most of its time in the spotlight with RE4 receiving an extended preview trailer.

Apart from Resident Evil 4Capcom also gave fans an update on the long-awaited DLC for Resident Evil Village. As confirmed by the studio, the DLC, titled Shadows of Rose, follows the journey of Rose Winters 16 years after the events of Resident Evil Village. However, while Shadows of Rose is just a story expansion, its huge jump in time may indicate the solidification of the soft reboot of the story. demonic resident franchise.


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How Resident Evil 7 and Village steered the franchise in a new direction

It is no secret that during resident Evil 6 release in 2012, fans began to fall out of love with the franchise. Fight Resident Evil waning popularity, Capcom decided to shake things up in Resident Evil 7 by introducing a new story centered around a new cast of characters. Although the concept of bioterrorism is still present in all demonic resident games, the main story progression of the franchise has always been from the perspective of Chris Redfield (RE1, RE5, RE6, RE7, RE village), Jill Valentin (RE1, RE3, RE5), Leon Kennedy (RE2, RE4, RE6), and Claire Redfield (RE2, RE Code Veronica).

However, to give players a new experience, Capcom introduced newcomer Ethan Winters as the main protagonist of Resident Evil 7 Y Village, and Chris is the only character from the old games to appear in the later installments. With Resident Evil Village closing the story of Ethan Winters, players are curious about what will happen next. Some speculate that Capcom may be planning to bring the franchise full circle by reintroducing other characters from yesteryear. demonic resident games. However, if the next major installment of the demonic resident franchise will follow the Shadows of Rose timeline, so the return of these characters may be unlikely.

Why Shadows of Rose May Solidify Resident Evil’s New Direction

While no one knows how Capcom plans to treat Shadows of Rose, there are two possible scenarios for how it could affect future installments in the franchise. First, Shadows of Rose could be just a mere DLC and nothing more, and Resident Evil 9 could reunite the franchise with characters established before Resident Evil 7. However, if Shadows of Rose is a montage for Resident Evil 9then it is unlikely that the old characters will return to the story in any significant way.

As confirmed in the trailer, Shadows of Rose takes place 16 years later. Resident Evil Village. Given this big time jump, Chris, Jill, Leon, and Claire will be in their early sixties. Although Rose mentioned Chris in the trailer, it is likely that he is no longer on active duty due to his advanced age. The same can be said for Jill and Leon, who work for the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) and the US government, respectively.

Of course, demonic resident continuing the path started by Resident Evil 7 isn’t necessarily bad, especially since the old characters have already spent considerable time in the spotlight. Not to mention, the soft reset introduced in Resident Evil 7 that Village continued to revive the enormous popularity of the franchise, satisfying veteran players and newcomers alike. In the end, the demonic resident The franchise has always flourished introducing monumental changes to its formula. In Resident Evil 4, the changes Capcom introduced made it a beloved entry and introduced the franchise to a new audience. Similarly, the focus on new characters and the continuing evolution of the story may very well lead to the demonic resident franchise to new frontiers and extend its popularity for another 25 years.

Resident Evil Village It’s out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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