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Call of Duty deserves its own ‘Master Chief Collection’

Call of Duty deserves its own ‘Master Chief Collection’
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Call of Duty deserves its own ‘Master Chief Collection’

there have been many Obligations games over the years, and the series shows no signs of stopping. Since 2005, Activision has released a new entry every year, ranging from WWII shooters to a space sci-fi adventure. Along the way there have also been a couple of sub-series within the great Obligations franchise that focuses on different story arcs, and there must be a better way to access some of their older titles.

The life cycle of a Obligations The game lasts until the next entry is released, and that means a game usually lasts about a year before dust collects. However, these games do not deserve that fate. One of the best ways to make them shine would be to adopt the model established by Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which breathed new life into the entire franchise and served as a love letter to what came before. That has to happen for Obligations.


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The Call of Duty subseries should be grouped together

in the eldest Obligations franchise, there are two main subseries. Treyarch is in charge of the covert operations series, and Infinity Ward has been making games under the Modern war label. Both have become the focal point of the Obligations franchise, with a new entry in every outlet almost every two years. some of the best Obligations titles are contained in each, and fans deserve a better way to experience them.

the covert operations The series has told a loosely connected story that covers the events of World War II, the Cold War, the near future, and the far future. The series began in 2008 with World at war and has continued until 2020 with cold war black ops. Almost every entry feels very different from the last and has diversified a lot of its mechanics. black ops 4 it was perhaps the biggest departure from the rest of the series, as he decided to remove the story entirely.

the Modern war The series brought FPS gaming into the modern age. It started in 2007 with call of duty 4 modern warfareand currently Infinity Ward is revamping it with a reboot series that started in 2019. This has created some of the most iconic Obligations characters like Captain Price and Soap, and has some of the most popular multiplayer maps. Currently, this series is the only one in the franchise to receive remastered campaigns and a reboot.

Both subseries include some of the most popular Obligations titles, but currently the only way to buy them all is to get the Obligations franchise pack costing over $900 on Steam. Even if players choose to purchase the games individually, there is a significant paywall to experience a full story.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection took everything aura series up Halo 5: Guardians and combined it into an easily accessible package. The history of each game was present, and halo 2 it was completely remastered. On top of that, the collection has multiplayer offerings made up of the individual entries for each game. It’s a great example of how to do a serial package, and Obligations you need to emulate that with your substring.

A covert operations either Modern war collection could group the five different games both in the covert operations Y Modern war subseries This would be one less than the number of games that Halo: The Master Chief Collection features as adding the stories and multiplayer for each could create a great celebration of the different Obligations Serie.

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Other Call of Duty games could also have packs

Obligations not only consists of Modern war either covert operations, as there have been plenty of indie titles that also deserve the package treatment. While Treyarch and Infinity Ward continue to work, Sledgehammer Games has focused on projects like advanced Warfare, WW2, Y Vanguard. It is not the only studio that has made independent projects, since Infinity Ward also worked on ghosts Y infinity war. These titles are not part of a larger series, but rather a auraThe inspired collection that includes them could also be quite good.

In addition to that, there is a set of classics Obligations games that haven’t gotten any love since before call of duty 4 modern warfare took the series in a new direction. There were three different titles set during World War II that started it all. These games are nowhere near the level of the newer ones. Obligations games, but without these original titles the Obligations the series would not exist, so they should be honored with a package.

There are a lot of different Obligations games with the potential to be grouped. Halo: The Master Chief Collection showed that giant multiplayer shooter packs work, and Obligations should do the same. Nobody wants to pay more than $900 to play some old games, but that’s the only option for those who want to experience the franchise as it is. A Obligations The collection would change all that, and now is the time for Activision to do so.

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