Top 10 Fortnite Cat Skins

Top 10 Fortnite Cat Skins
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Top 10 Fortnite Cat Skins

Fortnite has a history of making many skins for players to wear to feel unique and comfortable. Over time, players have been able to unlock over a thousand Fortnite skins to call their own. They are incredibly well done and most are collaborations with other franchises like Marvel or Tomb Raider. Very few skins have been disliked by the community just because of the quality of the skins, so there are plenty of great skins to choose from.

Although neither season has focused exclusively on cats, there are plenty of cat-themed skins for players to choose from. Each season has its own theme that helps determine skin type. In the list of skins that are already available to players, you would miss out if you searched for them on your own. There are several cool cat skins available if you want to express your individuality. Luckily, we have gathered the best Fortnite cat skins released in the game so far. Keep an eye out for these the next time you’re in the Fortnite buy if you want a new cat skin.

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Top 10 cat skins in Fortnite


Image via epic games

Catastrophe is a combination of a hazmat worker and a special ops agent, with a hint of cat ears. Catastrophe has only a few hints of cat accessories, but it’s a great skin for someone who doesn’t want to wear a total cat outfit. A bandana and blue hair make Catastrophe look like a rebel, and it would be a great skin for anyone who doesn’t want to look like the renegade.


Image via epic games

Azuki is a legitimate cat skin, because Azuki is a cat. Azuki dresses up like a samurai and looks incredibly cool. For players who want to live by the Bushido code in Fortnite, Azuki is a great skin to wear. It’s not easy to find skins that look like warriors from centuries ago, like the Black Knight, so Azuki is also a great option if you want to look like an older warrior.


Image via epic games

Catwoman is one of the characters that made dressing up as a cat cool. Catwoman is a member of Batman’s Rogues Gallery and is an unforgettable part of the Batman Arkham series and movies. Catwoman is the perfect skin if you want to be an incredibly cool, smooth-talking heroine. During Season X of Fortnite, Catwoman debuted with removable glasses. Also, she has a thinner frame that makes it difficult to photograph her accurately, and since her skin is almost entirely black, she can more easily blend in with her surroundings.


Image via epic games

Vix is ​​Lynx’s sister, making her Kit’s aunt. Vix shares many qualities with her sister Lynx, including her skin color scheme. She looks a lot like what Lynx normally wears in blue, black, and red. Vix looks great, but her skin stages aren’t as great as Lynx’s. Vix wears a hood and goggles instead of her.


Image via epic games

Lynx is a human skin who is also Kit’s mother. There seems to be an ongoing relationship between Lynx and Kit, as not only do they have a kitten together, but Meowsicles has a tattoo of Lynx’s name. The coolest thing about this skin is its different stages that are close to being cats. Among the alternative Lynx skins, there is a black version that looks like a female black panther mixed with the Black Knight.

Toon Meowsicles

Image via epic games

Toon Meowsicles is a cool alternate skin for Meowsicles. At first glance, it looks like an old Walt Disney cartoon. Lovers of animation or cartoons will enjoy this look as it will bring back memories of the old days. Combining this look with the Fishticles and Peely cartoon skins will create a very sweaty looking group to wear to Trios matches.


Erisa – Screenshot via Epic Games

This look of Erisa looks like something out of an anime game, so it’s like a two-for-one win. In addition to the three types of skins, she could also choose to wear catsuit armor. She had black hair in the default skin and pink and blonde hair in the two extras. Although Erisa already looks like a cat without the catsuit, her outfit completes her look. Erisa is not just a cute cat girl, she is from a kingdom of warriors and looks like a warrior princess. If you don’t like cat fur, you could still argue that this is a great Fortnite anime skin

Black Panther

Image via epic games

Epic Games released the Black Panther skin shortly after the death of Chadwick Boseman, the actor who played the character on screen in the MCU. Black Panther also came with a Wakanda Forever emote that players could unlock. At this point, the emote has a much deeper meaning of respect to whoever the emote is directed at than just Wakanda.

Black Panther looks incredibly intimidating due to the large frame of the skin.


Image via epic games

Kit is the son of Meowsicles and Lynx and shares Meowsicles’ calico fur. Technically, Kit will be like Meowsicles when he grows up, and his name is just a way of differentiating him from the previous generation of Meowsicles. To help him fight on Fortnite, Kit has a mechanical suit that Meowsicles built for him. Kit uses his mech suit to move around and be a real opponent in the Fortnite struggle. As one of the only skins you can use with your family, the Kit and Meowsicles combo is ideal for parents playing with their children.


Image via epic games

At this point, Meowsicles is exactly who people think of when they think of cats in Fortnite. Meowsicles is one of the few Fortnite skins to transcend beyond its initial release and become a fan favorite. Meowsicles is a large, muscular cat who looks more like a police detective than anything else.

Meowsicles looks like a calico, which would be a female cat, but since Meowsicles is male, he likely has a skin condition.

Meowsicle’s son shares the skin condition, hinting that it is genetic.

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