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Super Mario 64 is now a horror game like Resident Evil Village

Super Mario 64 is now a horror game like Resident Evil Village
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Super Mario 64 is now a horror game like Resident Evil Village

A fan game titled Another Princess is in Our Castle transforms Super Mario 64 into a survival horror game reminiscent of Resident Evil Village.

A fascinating fan project has transformed Super Mario 64 in a first person horror game similar to Resident Evil Village. Released in 1996 to critical acclaim, Nintendo’s classic 3D platformer broke new ground by bringing classic Mario gameplay into three-dimensional space. Many fans have kept the title alive through speedruns and mods, such as a 60 FPS mod for Super Mario 64 released earlier this year, but now the game has turned into a cartoon version of Resident Evil Village.

As the latest installment in the long-running survival horror franchise, Resident Evil Village takes players on a first-person journey through a haunted European city. The title serves as a direct continuation of Resident Evil 7which introduced the series’ new first-person camera angle, but Village It’s also based heavily on the franchise’s beloved 2005 entry. Resident Evil 4. The game puts an emphasis on combat through mechanics like melee attacks and weapon vendors, though terror remains a priority. Special attention has also been drawn to Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu, a bewitching vampire matriarch who stands over nine feet tall.


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A fan-made horror game titled Another princess is in our castle has been created and published by game toss Username CM9_Animation (via Alpha Beta Player). The terrifying project, shown in a YouTube video by Alpha Beta Player, sees Mario return to Princess Peach’s castle years after the ruler’s untimely death. Players are tasked with collecting statues of iconic Super Mario characters, but they must also avoid being caught and killed by a terrifying aspiration from Peach. Peach’s first-person perspective and monstrous design are reminiscent of Resident Evil Village and the huge Lady Dimitrescu.

While CM9_Animation has turned the classic platform game into Resident Evil Villageanother fan recently created a Super Mario 64 mod for Minecraft which turns the blocky survival game into a 3D platform game. The impressive mod introduced Nintendo’s classic 3D engine into Mojang’s survival sandbox, allowing Mario to run around in third-person procedurally generated worlds. Nintendo’s iconic plumber can authentically run, jump, swim, and punch just like he does in Super Mario 64allowing players to gain momentum and jump Minecraft tallest trees and mountains.

Super Mario 64 is one of the most beloved platformers of all time, and CM9_Animation has transformed the cartoonish title into a haunting survival experience. With its first-person perspective, and Peach’s ghostly resemblance to the vampiric Lady Dimitrescu, Another princess is in our castle It certainly looks reminiscent of Resident Evil Village. The fan-made project puts a completely unique spin on Super Mario 64 while staying true to the original aesthetics of the classic platform game.

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