Minecraft should feature rose gold gear

Minecraft should feature rose gold gear
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Minecraft should feature rose gold gear

When copper was first introduced into Minecraft in its version 1.17, the usefulness of the new resource was very limited. While it provided an additional range of building blocks and a unique dynamic of colors due to oxygen exposure ranging from bronze to bluish-green, there were only two other uses for copper: a lightning rod and a spyglass. Since then, two new updates have been given to Minecraft no further additions to copper despite player demand. Specifically, the Caves and Cliffs update expanded Minecraft y-axis capacity increased ore spawn rate, leaving players with a lot of copper and little to do with it.


But Mojang could actually achieve a “two birds with one stone” solution by revisiting the functionality of copper and combining it with the use of gold equipment. Gold armor, tools, and weapons have some very slight advantages over other alternatives, such as gold pickaxes and axes that are faster than diamond by a fraction of a second, and gold armor can help protect against Piglin’s hostility. . But the general durability of gold makes the equipment functionally useless compared to iron and diamond. If the copper equipment is not going to exist in MinecraftMojang might consider using copper to enhance gold and crafting rose gold gear instead.

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The science behind rose gold

Although most people who hear “rose gold” think of the trendy metallic pink color popular in the world of technology and every gadget or device available, rose gold is an actual alloy that exists. It is created through the combination of copper and gold, usually as a fifty-fifty split, and came to prominence among jewelers as an alternative to the older white and yellow gold coloration traditionally seen. Not only is it now a popular color and metal for jewelry, but rose gold has the added benefit of counteracting gold’s natural malleability with the introduction of copper.

This is where rose gold could relate Minecraft with gold and copper. Since gold is the weakest metal used for equipment, players are discouraged from crafting it, instead saving it for many other uses, from golden apples to power rails. But with the introduction of rose gold, players were able to craft this new metal by combining gold and copper ingots, and the resulting metal could have the durability of iron but with the benefits of gold. While it seems more time consuming to craft and obtain compared to other options, this would improve the natural transition for players through the types of gear available in the game.

Iron to Rose Gold to Diamond

Currently, players naturally progress from one type of material to another, starting with wood first before quickly moving on to stone. The next step players take is to go from stone to iron, although it is likely that they will have found copper ore before or along with the iron ore. At this point, they’ve probably seen gold gear as loot or tried to craft it themselves, only to realize how weak the gear is. Beyond this, the next step in team progression is finally finding diamonds, with players earning enough to craft an entire team of diamonds, which had been the peak of equipment until the introduction of netherite.

This means that for a substantial part of the initial game in Minecraft, players are settling for iron gear due to its relative abundance, as well as its versatility and durability. Rose gold, however, could help improve this, as by the time players have fully transitioned to iron, they will likely have saved gold and copper as well. A more durable form of gold that has a higher efficiency than iron could insert a new step between iron and diamond. It would provide a new block for Minecraft building, a new use for copper, and a reason to save iron for other purposes, like building iron golems or activating certain beacons in later stages.

Furthermore, the introduction of rose gold would not necessarily disrupt any of the currently established and available types of equipment today. Iron could still be seen as a useful and versatile resource given how it’s included in a variety of resources and gear, and in a pinch, players would still see iron as a decent substitute in the absence of rose gold gear. Also, diamond gear could still be a better alternative to rose gold with increased durability, but since diamonds are harder to find since version 1.18, players can save diamond gear for when they really need it and use rose gold more often.

Minecraft is available now for mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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