Fortnite’s Daily Bugle could soon become a Dragon Ball POI

Fortnite’s Daily Bugle could soon become a Dragon Ball POI
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Fortnite’s Daily Bugle could soon become a Dragon Ball POI

The Daily Bugle has been in Fortnite since Chapter 3 began, and the POI was part of the crossover, which featured Spider-Man and others in Season 1. The location became a haven for aggressive players in the early days. . It was one of a kind, with zip lines that spanned the entire area and easy verticality.

Now, in Chapter 3 Season 3, the POI is about to undergo changes thanks to the Reality Tree. According to the timeline, the POI will become The Daily Bloomgle on August 16. Despite the changing appearances of the other POIs, it is unclear if this one will do the same. Given the complexity of the design, it may not be feasible to do so.

@GameFortnite If you have a moment with your very tight schedule, could you change the daily bugle? There’s really no good reason why it still exists. At least throw a reality tree at him, please? Can someone hear me?

In that regard, as Fortnite content creator Creeperbrine102 suggested, the Daily Bugle may be removed entirely in favor of a Dragon Ball POI. With the next collaboration just over the horizon, it’s hard to deny this speculation. That said, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Dragon Ball POI in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Reminder that The Daily Bugle will be replaced in the next update on August 16 with “The Daily Bloomgle”. Hopefully Neo Tilted is part of the POI rotations, or maybe a Dragon Ball POI like @Creeperbrine102 He suggested!

At the moment, there is no evidence that The Daily Bugle will become a Dragon Ball Point of interest for collaboration. However, since it has been in the game for so long, the developers may decide to revise the structure. Since he was part of the original Spider-Man crossover, having him in the game doesn’t make sense.

However, with Marvel still showing up in Fortnite in the form of the latest Crew skin and comics, some are speculating that the POI will be around for a while longer. Such being the case, the Dragon Ball POI may be limited to creative mode only.

@HYPEX I doubt they’ll change the daily bugle until the end of the Marvel comics. The collaboration with Dragon Ball seems to be in creative and in another poi. Surely someone from the creative team has already warned you about something 🧐

In all likelihood, the POI for the Dragon Ball crossover will probably be Goku’s hometown. It will have a mountainous region, some houses and lush vegetation. From the naruto crossover featured Hidden Leaf Village, the same pattern will be followed here as well.

However, considering the scale of the collaboration, something more elaborate can be created. Perhaps an iteration of Chow Castle or Central City can be made in creative mode for the occasion. That said, it is not yet known when the collaboration will begin. This has left fans concerned, with some saying something is wrong.

The v21.40 update isn’t next week, so it will likely release on August 16 and should have all of your remaining Fortnite x Dragon Ball assets (cosmetics, challenges, etc.)

Have the Dragon Ball Has the collaboration been delayed for Fortnite Chapter 3?

Well, truth be told, it would be wrong to use the word “delayed” as no one is sure when it will happen in the first place. As of now, all dates are based on speculation and inside information. That said, the collaboration will definitely happen soon.

It looks like Japan has confirmed the Dragon Ball X Fortnite collaboration with this poster. I can see in the bottom left corner that Goku is holding Whis’s staff, which most likely goes with Beerus’ outfit. #Fortnite #Dragon Ball #Dragon BallSuper

A few hours ago, a user managed to find a poster that apparently confirmed the collaboration. Although it is in Japanese, the assets shown are similar to the leaks that have been made so far. The poster shows the exact four characters that are speculated to be added to Fortnite.

It also features an attack ball (glider), Super Saiyan Blue (style) for Goku/Vegeta and Frieza’s spaceship. As the community speculated, the collaboration will likely be the largest yet. In that sense, readers should take this information with some optimism as the authenticity of the poster cannot yet be verified.

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