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Every Call of Duty Game From The 2000s, Ranked By Metacritic

Every Call of Duty Game From The 2000s, Ranked By Metacritic
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Every Call of Duty Game From The 2000s, Ranked By Metacritic

Even before the 2000s were over, Obligations became a gaming giant, one of the best-selling and most-played series of all time. At the beginning of the decade, however, it had more inauspicious beginnings. The franchise was one of many military first-person shooter series that tried to get off the ground.

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Nevertheless, Obligations distinguished himself from the beginning. Even with its early offerings, the series received high scores, pleasing critics and fans alike. His entries from the 2000s always scored highly on websites like Metacritic. However, some scored higher than others, being considered the cream of a good crop.

eleven Call Of Duty: World At War: Final Fronts Failed To Impress (No Official Score)

Along with the well-received main series, Obligations it received several spin-offs in the 2000s, which helped make the franchise available on consoles that couldn’t handle the main games. One of these was Call of Duty: World At War: Final Frontsa game parallel to World at war available on PlayStation 2.

World at War: Final Fronts it had little success, to the point of not having a Metacritic score. While one review on the site gave it a 90, the other review gave it a scathing 45. Along with many user reviews, it criticized the poorer graphics, weaker power, and a repetitive feel that the game didn’t dispel.

10 Call Of Duty: Roads To Victory was hampered by hardware (64%)

There have been several attempts to make the Obligations franchise playable on portable or mobile devices. For many years, these did not bear fruit. A first attempt was Call of Duty: Paths to Victoryan entry that saw the player fight in several iconic World War II battles on the PlayStation Portable.

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However, the PSP’s poor processing power and controls kept paths to victory back. Critics accused the game of being too easy and even monotonous, resulting in one of the lowest-rated games in the franchise.

9 Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized exceeded its limitations (73%)

A complementary game for modern warfare 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized, was a Nintendo DS entry that told a side story alongside its main game. It had a single-player campaign, an arcade mode, and even online multiplayer that allowed six players to compete in game modes that the main franchise didn’t have.

Although it was not a resounding success, Modern Warfare: Mobilized received some positive reviews. Several reviewers noted that it was an impressive transfer from a demanding series to more limited hardware. They also commented that it made good use of the features available to the DS, providing a passable franchise entry.

8 Call Of Duty: Finest Hour brought the series to consoles (76%)

Initially, the original Obligations it was limited to PC. Allow console gamers to experience the franchise, Call of Duty: Best Hour released on PS2, GameCube, and the original Xbox. Designed to be less demanding than the PC game, it did a reasonable job of bringing the franchise to console.

Best time it received good reviews, with praise for its gameplay. However, some critics noted that it was lacking in some technical areas. In contrast to the famous graphics of the original game, many gamers found Best timeGraphics on the mediocre side.

7 Call Of Duty 2: Big Red One was a smaller story (78%)

While the main series became known for its sprawling action, the side games took a turn towards a more personal approach. Call of Duty 2: Big Red was companion of call of duty 2. Instead of dealing with many historical battles at once, he focused on the US 1st Infantry Division.

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Following the same cast of characters throughout the war, many considered big red a good side entry for the series, even if it wasn’t on the same level as the main series. It sold well and received the best review scores of any spin-offs of the 2000s.

6 Call Of Duty 3 was Treyarch’s first main series game (82%)

Early, Obligations split into a franchise made by two studios. Infinity Ward created the franchise, but for now Call of Duty 3 came, Treyarch was making all the other games in the main series, not just the spin-offs. Call of Duty 3 it became Treyarch’s first outing in the series, and while it was well received, it did not live up to its predecessors.

Despite many positive reviews of the game, flaws such as a shorter campaign with repetitive missions were frequently highlighted by players. Also, some balance changes noted, making the game less fun than call of duty 2. Others believed that setting up another game set in World War II made the title obsolete.

5 Call Of Duty: World At War took a step back (85%)

After Infinity Ward games stepped into the present day, Treyarch kept the series connected to its WWII roots in call of duty world at war. The return to the old setting divided fans. Modern games had become iconic, but World at warThe overall quality of won over many.

Although he was unable to overcome Modern war, the game scored perfectly well and became a much-loved entry in the franchise. In particular, the now famous nazi zombies The mode turned out to be a huge breath of fresh air. It quickly became an icon for World at war and the whole series.

4 Call Of Duty 2 Proved It Wasn’t Bottled Lightning (89%)

The second entry in a franchise can be just as important as the first, proving that the series has enough good ideas to stick around. that’s exactly what call of duty 2 achieved as a follow-up to the original. The sequel proved that the franchise could go from strength to strength.

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In particular, the players in his campaign. Many praised the clever fellow allies (for the time being) and the focus on squad-level combat rather than a one-man army narrative. call of duty 2 it remained the high point of many players in the franchise for some time.

3 Call of Duty started it all (91%)

First-person shooters were all the rage in the early 2000s, with many struggling to break the mold. In 2003, Infinity Ward released Obligations. The game quickly caught the attention of gamers and critics, and quickly made a name for itself in the industry.

Celebrated for its design, concepts, gameplay and technical aspects, Obligations received excellent scores from various outlets. It also received multiple Game of the Year awards and was considered one of the best first-person shooters of its time.

two Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 continued like a giant (94%)

After Modern war turned Obligations in one of gaming’s most profitable franchises, there was enormous pressure on the second game to deliver the same quality. As evidenced by his incredible score, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 achieved that goal.

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Many considered modern warfare 2 be the same as the first game, and not a few fans preferred it. Between its gripping, twist-filled campaign story and its frenetic, competitive multiplayer, it was considered one of the best the franchise had to offer.

1 Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare changed the franchise forever (94%)

In 2007, some gamers grew bored with the historical shooter, even though the series was well-liked as a whole. Infinity Ward appeased those fans with call of duty 4 modern warfare, an entry that dragged the series from World War II to the present day. His story dealt with relevant geopolitical conflicts and concerns, focusing on hypothetical situations in Russia and the Middle East.

The result was tremendous. Modern war it turned out to be an instant hit and established itself as the best of the entire franchise. Fans and critics alike showered it with praise, calling it a burst of freshness. Still considered one of the best games ever made, it changed not only the direction of the franchise, but the entire gaming industry.

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