Best Minecraft Bedrock Servers – Dot Esports

Best Minecraft Bedrock Servers – Dot Esports
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Best Minecraft Bedrock Servers – Dot Esports

Weather MinecraftThe gameplay of is simple, it has become a large and immersive game that appeals to more than just survival game fans. The biggest draw to the single player portion of the game is the sense of accomplishment. As players grow their land-based base, they can build mansions, fortresses, and everything in between. In the early stages of the game, players have a hard time killing skeletons, but as time progresses, players can eventually start killing dragons.

There is more to the game than just one player, which is why many players enjoy it. One of the greatest features of Minecraft are the servers. The server is basically a way to create a unique world for players to live in. There are usually multiple cities and an entire economy on these servers. Some servers, like DreamSMP, have created a great tradition around themselves, which have turned into pseudo-reality shows.

The Java edition has more accessible servers than the Bedrock edition, which can make it difficult for players to find a server they can be a part of if they prefer the Bedrock edition. While it may seem difficult to find them, there are plenty of servers that players can access with the Bedrock edition of Minecraft.

These are the best Bedrock edition servers on Minecraft. Note that some of these are too large for mobile devices.

Better Minecraft base servers


Image via OwnagePE
  • IP adress: OwnagePE.com
  • Port: 19132

OwnagePE has put a lot of work into it. There is not a lot of funding going into continually improving this server like the larger servers on this list, instead it is a smaller server that the developers have worked hard on. OwnagePE is for those who are looking for a server with the level of detail and work of a larger server without saturation. The server will eventually have a lot more players, so you can build a reputation early on. The server comes with a few game modes: KitPvP, OP-Factions, Skyblock, and Practice. While not many, the server will eventually get more game modes over time.


Image via Hyperlands
  • IP adress: play.hyperlandsmc.net
  • Port: 19132

Hyperlands is one of the most popular Bedrock. Minecraft servers. While most servers try to have dual approaches like survival and RPGs, or PvE and PvP, Hyperlands is famous for being a great PvP server. The biggest game modes it currently features are UHC Meetup, Skywars, and Bedwars. This server is popular because it also hosts the smaller PvP game modes like The Bridge and Duels. Hyperlands has a lot of players in all modes because it allows players to fight against other players in various modes. If you are only interested in PvP and want to show how good you are, Hyperlands is for you.


Image via Fallentech
  • IP adress: play.fallentech.io
  • Port: 19132

Some players are on their mobile devices, like Minecraft Bedrock Edition used to be called minecraft pocket edition. This would be your choice if you came to this list to find more mobile-optimized options. Skyblock, KitPvP, and Survival are all included in the server, but there’s also an in-game economy that powers everything. Due to its size, you can use this server on most mobile devices as it does not take up much memory. This server might also appeal to you if you’re on a PC or Mac and looking for some fun without all the extra clutter.


Image via Nethergames
  • IP adress: play.nethergames.org
  • Port: 19132

Nethergames is probably the best known Minecraft Bedrock Server. It’s no surprise that Nethergames is popular because it has a variety of game modes, some of which are ignored by everyone else, such as Creative Plots, Factions, Murder Mystery, Skywars, Bedwars, Duels, and Skyblock. Players use a Discord server to talk to each other, create voice channels for the game, and organize different times to play together. Tens of thousands of players log into this server daily, and Discord is so crowded that it can be difficult to communicate. Probably no other server is as popular as Nethergames.

vanilla europe

Image via Vanilla Europe
  • IP adress: play.vanillaeuropa.com
  • Port: 19132

Vanilla Europe is a semi-vanilla server because while it is basically a multiplayer Minecraft, there are some rules to keep things friendly. As an example, use land claim to avoid dueling, which works very well. As a result of its close-knit community, it is one of the least populated servers on this list. You want to join this server if you want to make really good friends and have adventures with them. There’s a lot of SMP potential on this server just because they’re all close together so they could compete with Dream if they want.

Cosmic PE

Image via CosmicPE
  • IP adress: play.cosmicpe.me
  • Port: 19132

CosmicPE is one of the servers that precedes many other servers on this list. A popular aspect of CosmicPE is its Battle Royale style of play, in which multiple factions compete against each other to maintain a high score. You can play as someone in a devastated land on this server because the level of warfare is unprecedented.

Jartex Network

Image via Jartex network
  • IP adress: bedrock.jartex.fun
  • Port: 19132

JartexNetwork caters to players who are sweatier or more cracked than regular players. It features mini-games with a strong sense of competition. The server offers Bedwars, Skywars, OP Prisons, Factions, The Bridge, KitPvP, UHC, Cutsom Skyblock and many more. Over time, the server has grown bigger, but that just means newer players have a harder time joining because other players aren’t taking it easy. JartexNetwork is probably the best place to find great Minecraft game footage or proof that you are as crack as you say. It’s best to avoid this server if you’re not ready to handle the pressure.

Red Pika

Image via PikaNetwork
  • IP adress: bedrock.pika.host
  • Port: 19132

PikaNetwork has a good mix of players, some go out of their way to be great and some just do well. The server continues to grow, so the developers have added multiple game modes. There’s Prison, Bedwars, Skywars, Custom Skyblock, Factions, KitPvP, just to name a few. The game is not very lag prone, and most computers can easily compete even with full features. As a minigame server, PikaNetwork focuses more on fun than RPGs or survival, so if you’re not interested in living a new life on Minecraft and you want to play with friends, this is the server for you.

craft flower

Image via BlossomCraft
  • IP adress: play.blossomcraft.org
  • Port: 19132

Whenever you want to relax, you must go to BlossomCraft. Most of the players are just there to role-play and live a peaceful existence on the server, not to make the game difficult for anyone else. This server is extremely friendly and has all the casual amenities. Minecraft rules, such as player warps, inventory maintenance, etc. The game has ranks that players can have, which opens up more features. Ranks are used to get additional houses, chests, prefixes, and more. The economy is player driven, but there aren’t many players actively trying to become the richest player as the server is just dedicated to not overdoing it.


Image via CatCraft
  • IP adress: buzz.catcraft.net
  • Port: 19132

CatCraft is a survival server that is more friendly to players of all levels. There are fewer Hunger Games-type survival modes and more like you’re living your life inside Minecraft. There is a player-driven economy on the server, with a market made up entirely of player shops. Since the staff lives in different time zones, they are available almost around the clock. The server really pushes the speed when it comes to average resource collection. You can instantly cut down trees and extract minerals. Multiple realms have recently been introduced to the server, but the server continues to push limits all the time, so more realms are a matter of choice rather than necessity.

Wild Wood SMP

Image via WildWoodSMP
  • IP adress: join.wildwoodsmp.com
  • Port: 19132

No need to worry if your friends don’t have Bedrock, as WildwoodSMP allows cross-play between Java and Bedrock players. Lifesteal SMPs require you to make a base and kill other players to collect hearts. If you lose all your heart, you’ll get a little “punishment”, but after a minute or so, you’ll be able to play again. There is a plan to add an SMP of the Earth, reflecting the Earth, but that may take a long time. A casual SMP spot is also planned so you can hang out with friends and play role-playing games, but there’s no telling when it will be ready.


Image via Craft Your Town
  • IP adress: br.craftyourtown.com
  • Port: 19132

It has taken a lot of time and effort to develop this server. CraftsYourCity Minecraft The server has been around since April 2017 and has improved over time. In addition to the unique abilities players can have, there is a player-based economy and custom items, making it more like an in-game. Minecraft. Doing jobs will earn you money and eventually you will be able to open a shop in any city you choose. As this is a huge server with many areas already claimed and cities already built, it can take some time to decide where to live. While several houses and territories have already been claimed, newcomers have so many places to choose from that they can change the landscape. A modpack is included, but you don’t need to download anything to use it.

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