5 Foods That Are The Easiest To Acquire In The Minecraft 1.19 Update

5 Foods That Are The Easiest To Acquire In The Minecraft 1.19 Update
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5 Foods That Are The Easiest To Acquire In The Minecraft 1.19 Update

Food is a vital element in Minecraft. Unless players are always playing on Peaceful difficulty, their hunger levels are constantly depleted. That means they can’t run and will eventually lose all but half of their heart. Low hunger also removes health restoration. Hunger is a real problem in Minecraft, and the 1.19 update didn’t change that.

As a result, it is incredibly important to carry food with you at all times. Artisans who go anywhere without food are simply asking for trouble. However, not all foods are made equally. Some of them, like Glistening Melons, Fishy Stew, and Golden Apples, are expensive to make and difficult to obtain. These are the best foods in Minecraft 1.19 that are very easy to acquire and useful.

Minecraft food items that are easy to get and very useful

5) Cooked salmon

Salmon (Image via Minecraft/Rajcraft on YouTube)
Salmon (Image via Minecraft/Rajcraft on YouTube)

Cooked salmon has slightly better hunger numbers than its underwater counterpart, cod (other fish can’t be eaten or only give the effect of poison). Restores six hunger points and has a saturation of 9.6. It is much more beneficial than cod and is also quite common, although cod is easier to find more often.

Fishing isn’t terribly difficult, and fish can be killed by hitting them. The only downside is that since they’re underwater, Fire Aspect can’t automatically cook them.

4) Cooked lamb

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Lamb is a strong food source, even if it is the worst of the three main types of meat. Despite being lower than chicken, steak, and pork chops, it still has a saturation of 9.6 and restores six hunger points, which are good numbers.

Sheep are also very common, which makes this a fairly easy item to get. Sheep are everywhere, and they’re pretty easy to kill, too. Lamb also doesn’t require a lot of charcoal to cook or time in the oven.

3) Cooked chicken

Cooked chicken is an excellent food. Restores six hunger points and has a solid saturation of 7.8. Chickens are pretty easy to spot as they usually breed in groups and in several different biomes. What makes chicken one of the least difficult items to get in Minecraft is the fact that they are so easy to kill.

Just two hits with an empty hand will kill them, which is much less than any other food source in the game.

2) Steak

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Cooked steak is one of the best and easiest food sources to obtain. It can be cooked, but killing a cow with a Fire Aspect enchanted sword will immediately drop it. However, even if players don’t have the Fire Aspect, it’s still fairly easy to obtain and only requires a small amount of time in the Smoker/Hornace and some charcoal to cook.

What makes the steak so good is that it restores four hunger points and a whopping 12.8 saturation points, the most in the game among normal foods (not the golden carrots, soups, etc.)

1) cooked pork chop

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The best cooked food in Minecraft has to be the cooked pork chop. It’s actually the fourth best food overall, behind a whole pie, fishy stew, and rabbit stew in terms of hunger restoration. Fortunately, it is also very easy to get. Pigs roam the world freely and quite frequently. They are also not a challenge to kill.

A pork chop restores four hunger bars and also has a saturation of 12.8, which is also among the best in the game. Pigs can be raised on carrots and are an easy source of pork chops.

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