5 best quality of life mods

5 best quality of life mods
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5 best quality of life mods

Minecraft is famous for its modding scene. Since the game’s inception, players have taken their codes and customized them for their own purposes.

Multiplayer was something the community managed to brute force through mods before Notch officially added it to the game, for example.

With over a decade of mod history, many mods have attempted to address quality of life issues that Mojang has yet to address.

Five fantastic quality of life mods for Minecraft in 2022

5) iris/sodium

The game that uses Iris and Sodium to run a shader (Image via Minecraft)
The game that uses Iris and Sodium to run a shader (Image via Minecraft)

Iris and Sodium are listed as drives for a simple reason: the Iris installer will automatically install Sodium along with it. These mods work together to allow one thing: use shaders with minimal impact on the frame rate of the title.

Iris is a newer version of Optifine, remade from scratch over the last few years with the goal of being better optimized and compatible with all Optifine shaders. Sodium is a newer mod that aims to optimize the in-game rendering engine, significantly improving both frame rate and in-game stutter.

When combined, users, even on low-end systems, can use light shaders and get better frame rates than in the standard game, which shows how good the community is at modding or how poorly optimized the Java Edition is. , depending on how readers see it.

4) Compass of Structures/Compass of Nature

Part of the list of biomes that can be found using Nature's Compass (Image via Minecraft)
Part of the list of biomes that can be found using Nature’s Compass (Image via Minecraft)

These two mods are listed as one unit because they are effectively different sides of the same explorer coin.

The Structure Compass is an item players can craft that will allow them to choose a structure from a list of all available ones in the game, after which the compass will direct them to the nearest structure. This helps those who just can’t find the structure they need, either due to bad seed or just plain bad luck.

The flip side of this coin is the nature compass, another craftable item that displays a similar GUI, although this time it features a list of all the different biomes in the game. It will then direct players to the nearest selected biome.

This is awesome for those who just can’t find an Ice Spikes or Badlands biome, but desperately need the blocks they contain.

3) stepping stones

The Waypoints fast travel screen (Image via Minecraft)
The Waypoints fast travel screen (Image via Minecraft)

The Waystones mod aims to do one thing: eliminate all the monotonous travel between different locations important to users.

For example, someone made their base near the worldspawn, which for Java is roughly 0.0. If the closest fortress is at 2000, 2000 players would have to travel several thousand blocks every time they needed to go to the End. Even a Nether path would take considerable time.

However, with the Waystones mod, players can place a waystone at their base and another at their End portal and teleport between them. All this does is reduce the time lost traveling between known locations, vital for those who have worlds with points of interest separated by tens of thousands of blocks.

2) Trip Map

An example of the JourneyMap minimap (Image via Minecraft)
An example of the JourneyMap minimap (Image via Minecraft)

JourneyMap is a minimap mod available for Minecraft. Players can take advantage of features like waypoints, which can mark important places, but also act as a way to teleport for those who want to eliminate tedious travel.

The map can also track features in real time for users looking for particular animals or enemies. While it’s not the most interesting mod on this list, it’s useful for tracking locations and keeping track of progress over the lifetime of a world.

1) Just enough items

Enough items showing a crafting recipe (Image via Minecraft)
Enough items showing a crafting recipe (Image via Minecraft)

Just Enough Items, probably better known by its shorthand name JEI, is a vital mod for any player looking to play a new mod or mudpack. This mod displays a full list of each item and locks those in the crafting and inventory interfaces.

Players can use this list to see what items are in the game, along with all possible crafting recipes and methods to obtain them. This is vital for new mods and modpacks, as JEI is usually the only way they can find out how the mod expects them to progress, though it’s also a better, more interactive system for vanilla than the cookbook Mojang has added to the play. .

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