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Things Capcom can do to revamp gameplay

Things Capcom can do to revamp gameplay
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Things Capcom can do to revamp gameplay

Resident Evil 4 It is often labeled as one of the best games of all time in the eyes of many Capcom and Survival Horror fans. After previous remakes of demonic resident two Y 3, fans have discussed whether there will be a complete change in terms of the game’s features and controls. New players of the original game from 2005 are met with an unusual set of controls and a third-person view, unlike the first demonic resident titles, which featured a fixed set of camera angles. This was also present in the initial beta version of the game, dubbed “Resident Evil 3.5″ by fans

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With the highly anticipated remake on the horizon, players will expect a host of improvements to controls, mechanics, and in-game tone to elevate this reimagined title above its predecessor.

7 More aggressive enemies

if there is something Resident Evil 4 it is most famous because it is the opening scene of the Village where Leon Kennedy first encounters a group of villagers. This includes the terrifying chainsaw, known as Dr. Salvador, who chases the player in a relentless effort to execute him. The fear and anxiety of being alone in a foreign place without any help gave the game the platform to increase the player’s levels of the unknown.

With the remake, more variety and more aggressive enemies will help Capcom achieve its goal of keeping the essence of the original game but also providing a fresh feel. Not only will it help change the tone to a much darker and more serious one, but it will also keep fans on the edge of their seat, wondering what the next twist will entail.

6 Lack of sources

Taking the nature of demonic resident series and the core survival horror aspect of the equation, reducing the amount of ammo and herbs to heal will force players to be much more careful and decisive in conserving ammo when engaging enemies. This will also create an immense amount of tension in each encounter with the won throughout the Village sequence and the rest of the game.

While this is very necessary to produce a terrifying experience, it’s also vital that Capcom maintain a balance between horror and action, as that’s one of the reasons fans hold the original in such high regard.

5 Stalker Enemy well done

Both resident evil 2 Y 3 featured stalker roles, with Mr. X and Nemesis chasing players. Given the plethora of enemy types and bosses within Resident Evil 4Capcom has the opportunity to create a stalker enemy or enemies that are scarier than ever.

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From Dr. Salvador, Chief Mendez “Big Cheese”“To the Regenerators within the Island section of the game, the new version could give players another reason to fear what’s to come in their search for Ashley Graham.

4 More jump scares

Since Capcom has made its change of tone clear, the new version will benefit from a substantial increase in jump scares. Doing this will make players who have already experienced the original game, along with fans who are familiar with each of its stages, much more cautious in their approach.

The unpredictable nature of Las Plagas gives Capcom the freedom to incorporate new enemy designs or those present in the initial concept art. It’s important for jump scares to be meaningful and have cliffhangers to justify the jump scares or prepare players for an obvious one to just go silent. The tools as such will capture the true survival horror feel that fans have come to expect.

3 More camera freedom

Many fans have often complained about the controls on Resident Evil 4, as players can only stand and aim while the camera resets its position after each prompt. The new version will allow Capcom to bring a more accessible feel to the game and give players a greater opportunity to get to know their surroundings.

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Doing so also means that more emphasis will be placed on the terror factor and ferocious nature of enemies, keeping players on their toes.

two Slower pace

The pacing within the original title was often a mix of fast and slow in different locations and sections throughout the game. Given the fans’ experience with the fast-paced action sections, some will expect a complete shift to a slower pace in this new version.

Not only will this change the gameplay to give it a new feel, but it will also allow time for plot points and particular characters to develop, adding more to what fans already know. Capcom has the potential to give players a greater sense of exploration by slowing down the pace of the game, and this will juxtapose the intent of not knowing what’s coming. This will be beneficial for replayability and speed runs, which fans will be prepared for.

1 More time playing as Ashley Graham

If there is any scenario that can provide a truly anxiety-driven experience, it would be playing as Ashley Graham. While this is present in the original game, it doesn’t last long as players regain control of Leon after just one puzzle.

Leaving the player in control of Ashley for an extended period of time, lacking power or resources, could set the wheels of survival horror in motion, given the amount of vulnerability within that scenario. After the negative reception garnered by Ashley’s original presence within the game, this could turn into praise with Capcom elevating the gaming experience with this character.

the Resident Evil 4 The remake will be released on March 24, 2023 on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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