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Sony says Call of Duty is an ‘essential game,’ Microsoft disagrees

Sony says Call of Duty is an ‘essential game,’ Microsoft disagrees
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Sony says Call of Duty is an ‘essential game,’ Microsoft disagrees

Microsoft claims that there is nothing unique about Activision Blizzard’s games that makes them a must-have for rival platforms.

Microsoft is actively in the process of acquiring Activision/Blizzard, and with that acquisition comes questions about things like exclusivity and what Microsoft plans to do with popular franchises like Call of Duty.

According to a response from Sony regarding questions from the Brazilian regulatory body (as reported by Restore and translated by CVG), suggests that Call of Duty “influences users’ choice of console” and that it is an “essential AAA game that is second to none”.

Promotional image of the 2022 title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II with several soldiers sitting next to each other in a dark environment lit by red lights.
© Activision Blizzard

The company goes on to point out that each Call of Duty release takes 3-5 years to develop, and since Activision releases one Call of Duty game per year, “this equates to an annual investment of hundreds of millions of dollars.” Additionally, Sony claims that no other developer can truly match the level of resources and expertise required to develop Call of Duty titles.

While Sony makes a compelling case, Microsoft sees things a bit differently. In a reply from a report from the New Zealand Commerce Commission in June, Microsoft states that “there is nothing unique about video games developed and published by Activision” and that none of the games, including Call of Duty, are “must-play games” for any rival competitor. For example Sony.

Promotional image of the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II from 2022 with two soldiers in a field, one wearing a skull mask.
© Activision Blizzard

It then goes on to offer assurances that it does not intend to pull content, including Call of Duty, from other platforms such as PlayStation and Nintendo.

It’s a bit ironic that Microsoft suggests that none of the games developed and published by Activision Blizzard are must-haves given that Microsoft acquired the company for a staggering $68.7 billion. Clearly, the company recognizes that Activision Blizzard is valuable, and one would think this would include the games that came with it that helped establish Activision Blizzard as a successful company worth acquiring.

Having said that, we are curious to hear your thoughts on the matter. Who do you think is more in the money when it comes to the importance of Call of Duty, Sony or Microsoft? Let us know on Chatty. For more on what else Sony has been up to lately, be sure to read some of our previous coverage, including how Sony plans to have more PS5s on sale this holiday season.

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