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Resident Evil Season 1, Episode 5 Recap: Home Movies

Resident Evil Season 1, Episode 5 Recap: Home Movies
Written by ga_dahmani
Resident Evil Season 1, Episode 5 Recap: Home Movies

We have passed the midpoint of demonic resident season 1, so it’s about time an episode was very exposed and revealed a lot of information at once. Since the characters in the 2022 storyline are the ones keeping secrets from each other, most of the episode takes place in that timeline.

That leaves only about a minute of footage that takes place in the future timeline. Let’s start!

Summary of Resident Evil Season 1 Episode 5 – 2022

We start with Albert looking for his children but being sidetracked by a call from Evelyn. Evelyn had Angel arrested/possibly kidnapped at the end of the last episode.

Although we can see from his injuries that he has already been repaired, he has not given any information. Evelyn needs Albert to bring up the interrogation.

It turns out that Albert is a highly skilled torturer. Once Angel admits that he knows about his daughters, Albert gives in to the idea of ​​torturing him for information.

Speaking of Albert’s daughters, they both made it home safely after the party in the last episode. Billie also appears to be fully recovered from the virus that she was dying of a few minutes ago.

Now that she’s past the 72-hour mark, she’s no longer withdrawn or sickly, and instead is her old self and wants ice cream. Jade, on the other hand, is upset by the information Angel gave them during their brief encounter.

She’s mostly fixated on the part where he said her father was supposed to be dead, and neither she nor her sister technically exist. In an effort to make Jade stop worrying, Billie agrees to look up her birth certificates.

After all, if they have birth certificates, they have to exist, right? Searching for birth certificates reveals a computer using a different password than Albert’s usual one.

So, Jade calls on her tech super friend Simon to help her hack into her dad’s laptop. With the hack successful, the sisters discover an unsent email addressed to Billie telling her what to do if Albert is dead.

Following instructions, the two girls follow a series of clues that lead to a bag filled with fake passports, stacks of cash in various currencies, and a gun. Also known as a standard bag for when a powerful co-op catches you.

Billie is understandably upset at how her comfortable life is falling apart with each new revelation. Especially since she recently brought her life back from nearly becoming a zombie.

The sisters fight over whether or not they should go on. Jade wants to go further and find out what else her father is hiding from her.

The fight gets more and more personal the longer it goes on, with Billie accusing Jade of violent tendencies and Jade stating that Billie just wants to hide from the world. Simon is still on the video call listening awkwardly as all this personal baggage is broadcast.

After Jade leaves, he is the one who talks to Billie and convinces her that her sister loves her. Jade’s motivation and actions are always driven by her desire to do what is best for Billie.

Moved by this, Billie agrees to keep looking for more information.

Resident Evil Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: Albert…

Jade and Billie ask Simon where someone might be hiding something in the house and he suggests the basement. Billie says they don’t have a basement, which we all know means there is a secret basement.

The sisters find the door and open it with the help of the dog. (The chip to allow entry to the secret basement has been implanted in the family dog.)

In the secret basement is the mysterious laboratory in which we have seen Albert perform experiments throughout this season. The sisters check the lab and find a mini-fridge full of their own blood and a DVD case labeled raccoon town 1998.

Watching one of the DVDs, they see images of a full mutation of the T-Virus that includes a woman with two feet. eyeball growing out of his back. Jade tries to take the DVDs and the computer as evidence of Umbrella’s unethical practices, but she improperly disconnects the network and the lab begins a self-destruct sequence.

Billie and Jade are saved by Albert who shows up at the last minute to put out the fire. But since he was in the video with the lady with the eyeball, and since he has a secret lab hidden in the basement of his house with his blood in a mini-fridge, they don’t trust him anymore.

Billie hits him with a tray and the two sisters tie him to a chair. Albert emphasizes that he cares about the girls and that he is trying to protect them from Umbrella.

That’s why he kept so many things a secret, including the hidden bag of money and a gun. He explains to Billie that the dog that bit her was infected with the T-Virus, she was able to fight off the infection.

He adds that he strengthened them by manipulating their embryos before they were born. Billie admits that Angel the reporter knows she was bitten, to which Albert responds by saying that he needs to protect them.

If they find out that Billie was infected, she will become part of Umbrella’s experiment. The sisters free their father, who returns to the lab in the office.

Not the secret in the basement. That’s a lot that happened in the 2022 timeline that doesn’t leave much room for the 2036 timeline in this episode.

All we get is a quick shot of Jade, who has just returned to the surface and is captured by Umbrella soldiers. The lead soldier removes his helmet to reveal that she is Billie.

This is a shocking cliffhanger for the adult versions of these characters to tackle next episode.

Picking up speed.

While 2022 stories have generally been a drag on future, more zombie-centric stories, this episode that was all of 2022 actually ended up working out pretty well. Maybe it’s because the characters finally learned a lot of information that the audience had known for a while.

It can be a cathartic feeling to finally see the show’s slowest-moving plot really start to pick up steam. Unfortunately, what works in this episode mainly serves to highlight what didn’t work in the first half of the show.

It seems like a lot of the action here should have taken place in episode two or three instead of episode five. The mystery surrounding the original Racoon City has become the most interesting part of the 2022 story.

It’s good to see that the show seems to have finally figured that out. demonic resident it’s starting to focus more on those storytelling threads and weeding out the ones that didn’t seem to be going anywhere interesting.

It feels a lot like a “better late than never” episode in terms of the ground it covers, so hopefully this is a step towards a more compelling second half of the season.

Why does Billie work with Umbrella? Should Jade and Billie trust her father?

Let us know what you thought of demonic resident season 1 episode 5 in the comments below!

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