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Recent Call of Duty Leaks Explained

Recent Call of Duty Leaks Explained
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Recent Call of Duty Leaks Explained

With the fairly rapid change of new Obligations content being released virtually every year, there are always swaths of information about titles being leaked and hinted at by informed sources and data-miners. This information can range from fairly innocuous to hugely revealing, meaning there’s always a huge amount of attention on any potential leak to see where it lands.

A huge and very high-profile set of leaks have slowly been revealed over the past few days, reportedly regarding two upcoming upcoming Obligations titles. The scope and scale of the leaks are unprecedented and attract even more attention than Cod Related leaks have historically received.


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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Leaks

The general majority of the last Obligations The leaks concern the upcoming massively anticipated release of modern warfare 2. As the second installment of the popular reboot of the Modern war franchise, next MW2 it has a lot to live up to from its 2019 predecessor, as well as its iconic original source material.

Scheduled to launch on October 28 this year, modern warfare 2 is at a point in its development where the risk and likelihood of title leaks are at their highest. While many of the broader details of modern warfare 2‘s Fans already know about the campaign, the more intricate details of the title’s multiplayer modes are currently unknown, or at least, were unknown prior to recent leaks.

Apart from rumors that MW2The beta of will take place in September, shortly before the launch, the biggest leaks in question supposedly concern several of the multiplayer maps that modern warfare 2 will show off at the launch. Leaks revealed what appear to be loading screen images of four MW2 maps, called Saba, Museum, Oilfield and Grand Prix. Interestingly, the map names and loading images supposedly come from a datamine of the upcoming mobile port of the popular battle royale. Call of Duty: Warzone. Inside the closed alpha files of mobile war zonemap information for modern warfare 2 was found strangely, along with information about an untitled title Cod, beyond the next MW2.

Treyarch 2024 Call of Duty Leaks

Found inside the locked alpha files of mobile war zone was information purportedly related to the following Obligationswhich will reportedly be headed by a veteran Cod Treyarch development studio. While the leaks regarding this currently unnamed title are comparatively smaller than those of modern warfare 2 at scale, the clues they reportedly provide as to Treyarch’s title setup are potentially invaluable.

one of the last Cod titles Treyarch worked on was Cold Warthe latest installment of the iconic covert operations series of games that Treyarch has created over the years. With people logically thinking that Treyarch’s next title will also be covert operations related, recent leaks have only stoked the fire of this line of thinking. The leaks of this title also refer to alleged multiplayer maps, and two in total are shown.

The maps are called Stealth and Pillage, and they point towards a desert setting in the Middle East. These leaks have left many speculating that this upcoming title will be set in the 1990s, more specifically the Gulf War, as part of the covert operations Serie. Another leaked datamine file name reportedly mentions “mogadishu”, which appears to reference a famous battle that occurred in Somalia in the early 1990s. With this lending more credence to the Gulf War scenario of this next Obligations game, the leaks seem to paint a varied and ambitious immediate future for the famous shooter franchise.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 launches October 28 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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