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Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’: 5 Burning Questions We Still Remain

Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’: 5 Burning Questions We Still Remain
Written by ga_dahmani
Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’: 5 Burning Questions We Still Remain

from netflix demonic resident Sticking to the games and weaving an eight-episode story that weaves its way between a world-ending virus outbreak and a near future plagued by zombies, the adaptation is packed with shocking moments and twists galore.

But we’ve been left with so many questions.

As we reach the end of the series (and with Netflix yet to renew the series for a second season), the fates of various characters are left in the balance, some motives are still unclear, and gaps remain between the two different timelines. We’ve broken down some of the biggest questions we were left with at the end of demonic resident hoping all is clear if season 2 gets the go ahead…

1. What happened to poor old Bert?

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When adult Jade Wesker (Ella Balinska) is reunited with her sister Billie (Adeline Rudolph), she tells her about the death of their father Albert (Lance Reddick). “I died asking for you”, are the exact words of her. But then in the final episode of the series, she actually watch Albert dies in the previous timeline when they are both still teenagers, it being Albert’s clone Bert (also Reddick) who helps the girls escape from Umbrella HQ. So, presumably, Jade and Billie grew up calling Bert his father, but what happened to the poor thing? Did he at least manage to enjoy a bit of freedom for a while? And what was it that finally killed him? We’re going to need those details.


Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’ never divorces its history from gaming. Is that on purpose?

2. What was the deal with the original Albert Wesker?

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We don’t have a lot of information about the original Albert Wesker, other than the fact that he a) wasn’t that nice and b) seemed to dress like an extra in Matrix. However, what exactly was their deal? What other experiments was she working on? how exactly made He dies? He is an intriguing villain, and I would love to see some future. demonic resident series delve a little into its history.

3. How did the girl Billie become the adult Billie?

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The season finale makes it clear that the adult Billie is not that nice. But in the previous timeline, when we last saw young Billie (Siena Agudong) and young Jade (Tamara Smart), this transformation has yet to occur. Sure, we get a hint of future friction between the sisters in Jade’s slightly icy reaction to Billie as they wait for Bert to stop (Billie has she just bit her boyfriend, to be fair), but at this point they’re still on the same side.

So what happened in the past to turn the kind and single-minded Billie into the near-sociopath she appears to be as an adult? Some of it seems to be the virus inside her (“It eliminated all my fucking nonsense,” she tells Jade), and some of it is probably a response to Jade’s selfishness, but surely there must be other events that pushed her. over the edge, too?

4. And what exactly does the adult Billie want?

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In the final scenes of Season 1, Billie and her Umbrella soldiers leave Jade critically injured and fly off in a helicopter, taking Jade’s daughter Bea (Ella Zieglmeier) with them. So has this been Billie’s end game all along? And why is she so keen to kidnap Bea?

Well, while we don’t know for sure, we can make a pretty good guess. When Jade’s partner Arjun (Ahad Raza Mir) tells Jade about Bea’s progress, not to mention when Bea performs that impressive piano solo on the ship, it’s pretty clear that she has talent. It seems likely that Billie wants to see exactly What gifted that she is, and possibly watches over her in the same way that Albert watched over her and Jade when they were children.

But still: What is your ultimate goal in all of this? If you’re simply trying to find something that might help fight the T-Virus, why not work with Jade and the academics, rather than against them?

5. Will Jade Wesker change her ways?

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She may be the heroine of the series, but Jade Wesker is also an irreparable liability, especially when it comes to bringing bloodthirsty zombies aboard ships full of peaceful academics. Her sister confronts her with this pretty face in the series finale, but where does her character arc go from here? Will she finally put her family first and focus on getting her daughter back? Or will she continue to stray from her own investigation and continue to make dangerous decisions in an attempt to unravel the mysteries of the T-Virus?

We hope it will be the first, but somehow we think it could end up being the second.

demonic resident(opens in a new tab) Season 1 is streaming now on Netflix(opens in a new tab). There’s no word yet on season 2, but if you’re dying for answers, you might find some in the video game series that is the core of the franchise.

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