How an overdose of crossovers could be hurting the game

How an overdose of crossovers could be hurting the game
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How an overdose of crossovers could be hurting the game

Fortnite crossovers are a big reason why the video game has become popular all over the world. The battle royale title features some of the world’s biggest celebrities and icons, making playing them a dream come true for many gamers.

Epic Games has collaborated with many other companies in the past, bringing popular characters from movies, comics, and TV shows to the game. Additionally, some of the world’s most famous athletes, such as LeBron James and Neymar Jr., have come to Fortnite; Epic has also awarded the most popular content creators with their own skins.

this is fire think every wrestling fan has been waiting for this Fortnite collab forever. It should have happened about 10 years ago! But I’m glad WWE is now opening up to doing more of these.

Unfortunately, many gamers believe that the Fortnite developer has gone too far with crossovers. While they bring a lot of awesome content to the game, most gamers would love to see more original content.

Fortnite Battle Royale is a unique video game and its original skins are what makes it even better. Having a Batman skin in the game is great, but players prefer skins that are 100% original, like Peely or Fishsticks. After all, Fortnite has its own universe, its own story, and its own popular characters.

Fortnite crossovers can do a lot of damage

1) Crossovers are awesome when done in moderation

The Muramasa Blade pickaxe is not the same as the Wolverine-based pickaxe associated with #3 from Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War.

Fortnite crossovers are awesome, there’s no question about it. However, what players are complaining about is the amount of non-original content that has been coming to the video game in recent years.

Epic Games had several collaborations on Fortnite Chapter 1, including bringing Batman into the game and Strange things characters. In addition to the cosmetic items that were released, Epic also released map changes for these collaborations, which may have been a bit much.

However, things took a turn for the worse in Chapter 2 when Epic started releasing more crossovers of their popular Battle Royale video game. In the fourth season of this chapter, the developer of the game released an exclusive Marvel Battle Pass, which was too much. In addition to the cosmetic items that were included in the game, Epic also added many gameplay items as part of the crossover.

Players can simply ignore the cosmetic items and don’t have to purchase a Battle Pass. However, adding gameplay elements, such as those with mythic abilities, is something that cannot be ignored and players are forced to deal with it.

Fortnite crossovers have also resulted in new gameplay elements (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite crossovers have also resulted in new gameplay elements (Image via Epic Games)

The reason they don’t like these gameplay elements is because they don’t feel like they belong in Fortnite. Epic Games is very creative when it comes to new items, but releasing Doctor Doom’s abilities as part of the game was a bad idea.

Additionally, most of Marvel’s abilities and items were considered mastered, as they allowed players to fly and attack their enemies with deadly attacks at the same time.

The situation in Chapter 3 is relatively bad when it comes to Fortnite crossovers. More than 50% of skins released come from collaborations, which shows how often Epic collaborates with other companies.

Many Fortnite players want original content. Unfortunately, that era may be over as Epic is trying to expand its metaverse and include other popular video games, TV shows, and other merchandise in its Battle Royale title.

2) Crossovers may never stop

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Epic Games is trying to expand its metaverse and make Fortnite Battle Royale a central and more important part of it. Because of this, the crossovers will most likely never stop.

It’s also important to note that the joint venture with Marvel was the most profitable collaboration, even before Chapter 2 Season 4. Releasing crossovers is very profitable for Epic games, so it’s highly unlikely that the developer will let to throw them.

At the moment, Epic has no reason to stop collaborations. The video game continues to be incredibly popular, receiving millions of players on a daily basis. Also, many love to see their favorite celebrities and characters in other media, so adding them to video games seems like the perfect idea.

In recent weeks, there have been many leaks about a possible Dragon Ball collaboration, and this could serve as a great example of why collaborations are great, despite all the grumbling.

Millions of Dragon Ball fans will be interested in the collaboration and many of them will download Fortnite and give it a try. Players, on the other hand, can get into the anime thanks to collaboration, so this could be a win-win situation.

3) Collaborations are very profitable

The Fortnite x Dragon Ball teasers *could* start any day, considering it’s planned to last 7 weeks and 7 weeks from now is Season 4. Remember, the collaboration starts with an umbrella, a chair, a table, and a blue capsule. appearing on this island as a reference to Kame House.

Obviously a lot of players enjoy collaborations and spend their money on crossover skins. If this is not the case, Epic will most likely focus more on original content. While collaborations can do a lot of harm, they seem to bring a lot of positive things as well, including profits.

There are probably millions of gamers who don’t like collaborations. However, as long as the company continues to make a lot of money from such ventures, they are unlikely to stop.

Keep in mind that the popular Epic Games title is a free-to-play video game. This means that the entire team, from marketers to developers, gets paid by selling cosmetic items. Considering that collaborations get a lot of sales, there is no reason for Epic to stop releasing them.

4) Epic may have to go back to original content in the future

In conclusion, it seems that those who oppose crossings are in the minority, but they are very vocal. However, it is up to Epic to decide whether or not to risk losing a small part of the player base.

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Fortunately, the video game is still popular and new players are joining every day. However, there will be a period of time when the game stops losing popularity, so the game developer will have to come up with something big to bring their players back.

We all know what Epic Games is capable of, so we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds.

On a positive note, there is one thing that many players agree on. A large part of the community believes that Epic Games should bring secret skins to the video game. These skins were a big part of Chapter 1, but since Chapter 2 Season 2 was released, they were all collaboration skins.

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