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Dead By Daylight Adds New Killers And Survivors In Resident Evil Update

Dead By Daylight Adds New Killers And Survivors In Resident Evil Update
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Dead By Daylight Adds New Killers And Survivors In Resident Evil Update

Another crossover between Dead by Daylight and Resident Evil will add Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers as survivors along with Albert Wesker as the killer.

A second cross between dead by daylight Y demonic resident will add even more iconic characters to the asymmetrical horror game. Developed by Behavior Interactive, the multiplayer survival experience casts four players as hapless survivors while one player takes on the role of a supernatural killer. Since its release, the game has become famous for its crossovers, which include a substantial amount dead by daylight cross with demonic resident last year, and now a second collaboration has been officially unveiled.

nineteen ninety six demonic resident is widely credited with defining the survival horror game genre, with the beloved PlayStation classic spawning a long string of sequels and spin-offs. Last year dead by daylight paid homage to this terrifying franchise in the form of a crossover update that added leads Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine as seasoned survivors. This collaboration also saw the introduction of Resident Evil 3 the iconic Nemesis as a biologically enhanced assassin, and the Raccoon City Police Department even transformed into a multiplayer dead by daylight Map. Earlier this year, Behavior Interactive teased another crossover between dead by daylight Y demonic residentand this exciting update has now been officially unveiled.


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A trailer for a new dead by daylight Chapter 25 update, titled Resident Evil: Project Whas been revealed by dead by daylight (via YouTube). The multiplayer horror game’s second crossover with the legendary zombie franchise will add series protagonists Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers as unique new survivors. the iconic demonic resident Meanwhile, the villainous Albert Wesker will be added to the game as a new intimidating assassin. Behavior Interactive also reportedly modified the Raccoon City Police Department map for the occasion. While no official release date has been given, Resident Evil: Project W will apparently come to dead by daylight early.

Weather Project W will add more demonic resident heroes and villains of the game, a dead by daylight cross with attack on titan will soon be adding new cosmetic items based on the hit manga and anime series. Set in a world where humanity is constantly threatened by huge man-eating monsters, the franchise is a perfect fit for intense asymmetrical horror gameplay. dead by daylight you will receive cosmetic charms and costumes inspired by attack on titanallowing players to dress up the game’s fearsome Oni assassin as the anime’s unstoppable armored titan.

dead by daylight first cross with demonic resident let players become beloved gaming icons Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine or cast as the feared Nemesis. Now Demon Resident: Project W it will allow fans to engage in lopsided multiplayer combat as Ada Wong, Rebecca Chambers, or the infamously boisterous Albert Wesker. While the release date of the update is uncertain, demonic resident fans can look forward to more global saturation in the near future.

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dead by daylight is available on all platforms.

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