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10 Unpopular Opinions About The Netflix Original, According To Reddit

10 Unpopular Opinions About The Netflix Original, According To Reddit
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10 Unpopular Opinions About The Netflix Original, According To Reddit

demonic resident was recently released on Netflix, bringing another adaptation based on material from the popular video game franchise.

The first season of the new series has not received a lot of positive reviews. However, there are still some viewers who enjoyed the plot and characters and are looking forward to a second season. With a franchise as popular as this, there will always be those who didn’t appreciate the latest adaptation. Some Reddit users shared their thoughts on what didn’t work on the show.


10 Resident Evil should have a different title

Chris Redfield, Rebecca Chambers and Leon S. Kennedy in the animated film Resident Evil: Vendetta

Even though the new show hasn’t had the best reviews, some people enjoyed aspects of the first season. However, some of these fans do not believe that this show should have been a demonic resident adaptation and should have made it something completely original.

reddit user chrome plated he said, “I think the show is probably suffering for its name, more than it’s making. But it’s good entertainment.” Although this new series has many aspects that refer directly to the demonic resident video games, these fans think it could have been better reviewed without the reference to a popular franchise. However, the show trying to create a new story from an old concept worked better for many than trying to adapt a game directly.

9 Resident Evil has a terrible plot

Resident evil important netflix character

Reviews didn’t give much positive feedback when it comes to the switch plots within this show, but some fans thought the plot was interesting enough to keep them interested. However, other fans agreed with the harsh criticism and felt that the plot had too many problems.

reddit user Wish_equivalent_1463 he said, “The writing and plot change from being nonsensical to being extremely predictable.” Although the plot didn’t catch everyone’s attention, it had a logical timeline and established the dynamics of the world. While it may have been a bit predictable at times, too much mystery on a show would confuse a lot of viewers.

8 Teenagers Were Bad Choices For Resident Evil

Resident Evil Tamara Smart as Jade Wesker and Siena Agudong as Billie Wesker

Billie and Jade are two of the strongest characters in this series, but some viewers were upset that two of the main characters were teenagers. Although teenagers are obviously often a part of the shows, these viewers didn’t think the story of the teenagers fit.

reddit user thatdaybowbowsong he said, “The two teenage girls are the dumbest, most entitled, most disrespectful brats I’ve seen on TV in a long, long time.” Seeing teenagers on screen isn’t always every viewer’s cup of tea, especially in a series that generally features adults. However, some fans thought that the story with the girls is essential to understanding them as adults.

7 Resident Evil is just a teen drama

Just as some viewers did not appreciate the teenage characters, some thought the plot was too focused on teen drama. Some of these viewers think that the plot would have been better without the flashbacks.

reddit user Inevitable-Studio-16 he said, “Teen drama in a bad way. Jade and Billie are beyond frustrating youth or adult versions.” not every character can please every member of the audience. However, the two girls proved to be the bravest characters in demonic residentespecially when they were young.

6 Baxter was a terrible character in Resident Evil

Richard Baxter walking down the stairs with a soldier behind him in Resident Evil.

Baxter is one of the members of the Umbrella organization. While he is perceived as a bad guy, many fans found him funny and respected his attempt to protect Jade.

However, some viewers thought that he was often annoying. reddit user Schwifftee he said, “I can’t forget… that guy from Umbrella asking if they were rubber bullets, when they’re killing a bunch of people.” It’s not always easy to appreciate a bad guy with a dark sense of humor. However, it was helpful to have someone break the tension during a cliffhanger scene.

5 Wesker from Resident Evil was a disappointment

Bert Wesker in a lab coat in Netflix's Resident Evil.

Wesker is one of the most iconic villains in the demonic resident franchise. While the film franchise more closely represented his video game persona, the Netflix series sought to change the way his character is portrayed (or at least how his clones are portrayed).

reddit user Of the Sorrowful Face he said, “Wesker appears to be a well-intentioned single dad who is trying to push back on Umbrella’s nefarious intentions. Basically nothing like Wesker from the game.” Many video game fans are disappointed with the character, but Wesker is one of the more intelligent characters who brings an interesting point of view.

4 Resident Evil’s Timeline Change Was Confusing

Albert and Jade WeskerResident Evil

There are a lot of questions fans have next demonic residentThe first season of , but other viewers will not return for a second season. Although there were some nice bits, many viewers thought the timeline change didn’t make any sense.

reddit user cjsqo he said, “Yeah, I missed out until around episodes 5-6, unfortunately, I wasn’t paying much attention and didn’t understand the timeline, so I had to read the summaries.” Sometimes it’s hard for viewers to understand a back and forth between time periods. However, it was important that the story show the backstory.

3 not resident evil

There are many viewers who had high hopes because of how much they enjoyed video games. High expectations led some of these audience members to be quite disappointed with the plot and details.

Some of these viewers thought this show didn’t look like demonic resident absolutely. redditor stunts002 said, “I find it strange how these attempts to fit demonic resident they always seem to have nothing in common with Resident Evil other than zombies.” However, it’s important to remember that adaptations never perfectly represent the source material.

two Resident Evil is as bad as SyFy shows

Arjun Batra lying on a bed in Netflix's Resident Evil.

Some people thought that the action and the representation of the supernatural aspects within demonic resident They were extremely poorly made. Some fans compared it to TV channels they find repeatedly broadcasting bad shows.

reddit user sprucemoose001 he said, “It’s a cross between a CW show and a SyFy show. Absolutely terrible.” Everyone has their own tastes when it comes to shows. However, other fans of the show are quick to point out that the TV channels accused of being terrible are responsible for some of the best sci-fi shows of the modern age.

1 Resident Evil shouldn’t have focused on Umbrella

Billie from Netflix's Resident Evil with guards.

The Umbrella Corporation is a large part of the demonic resident franchise and is responsible for the disasters in this futuristic story. However, some fans thought that they had been overdone and should not be included in the new adaptation.

reddit user Jonz303 he said, “I wanted a linear view of the outbreak that had nothing to do with those involved in the Umbrella corporation.” However, this contradicts the argument that demonic resident It shouldn’t just be about zombies. It seems that to properly reflect the source material, there needs to be zombies and the evil Umbrella Corporation.

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