Top 10 Minecraft RPG Mods (2022)

Top 10 Minecraft RPG Mods (2022)
Written by ga_dahmani
Top 10 Minecraft RPG Mods (2022)

Minecraft already has some RPG elements in its normal state, but they can be completely improved with mods.

RPG mods are incredibly popular in the community, and there are plenty to choose from.

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RPG mods in Minecraft come in a wide variety, adding content as well as making substantial changes to the main game.

Some mods do more tweaking, while others take a simplified approach and favor small changes and content inclusions. This means that players will probably be able to find a mod that suits them.

Below, Minecraft players can find a list of some of this year’s most impactful RPG mods.

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Mowzie’s Mobs, Ice and Fire: Dragons and 8 other great Minecraft RPG mods worth checking out in 2022

1) Art Nouveau

Ars Nouveau's personalized spellbook (Image via baileyholl2/CurseForge)
Ars Nouveau’s personalized spellbook (Image via baileyholl2/CurseForge)

Magic is a big part of many RPG mods. Ars Nouveau is one of the best magic mods currently available.

With this mod, players can create their own custom spells, craft artifacts, perform magical rituals, and much more. There are even magic machines, decorations, and charms that players can form for additional benefits.

For a nice automated touch, players can even create magical servants that watch over their homes and bases while they’re away.

2) Astral Sorcery

Various structures in Astral Sorcery (Image via HellFirePvP/CurseForge)
Various structures in Astral Sorcery (Image via HellFirePvP/CurseForge)

Another excellent magic-related Minecraft mod, Astral Sorcery derives its magical energies from the stars and constellations themselves.

Players can use starlight to enhance and create in the world around them. Fortunately, they won’t be hindered by the learning curve, as the mod provides them with a journal that goes over aspects of their magic in excruciating detail.

This makes Astral Sorcery an incredibly accessible Minecraft mod as well as being fully fleshed out.

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3) When dungeons come up!

When Dungeons Arise official logo (Image via Aureljz/CurseForge)
When Dungeons Arise official logo (Image via Aureljz/CurseForge)

The dungeons in Minecraft’s Overworld can be a bit tatty, as they are essentially just a few rooms and a mob generator or two.

When dungeons come up! is a mod that gives these structures a substantial improvement. It serves as a great dungeon generator that works in conjunction with the terrain generation code for worlds. These dungeons are much larger and more dangerous than players are probably used to in Minecraft, appearing randomly throughout a player’s world.

Since these locations are so dangerous, they carry a fair amount of loot, and that can be a huge incentive for players to explore them.

4) Mowzie’s Mobs

Various logos and mobs in Mowzie's Mobs (Image via bobmowzie/CurseForge)
Various logos and mobs in Mowzie’s Mobs (Image via bobmowzie/CurseForge)

While many Minecraft RPG mods are geared towards the player and their abilities, Mowzie’s Mobs takes a closer look at the mobs that inhabit the world.

This mod features a large number of mobs of magical origin with very impressive AI behavior. These mobs are very well animated and well thought out, and players can even claim their powers after defeating them under certain circumstances.

This mod makes every battle against a magical mob feel special and particularly rewarding.

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5) YUNG’s best dungeons

The catacombs in YUNG's Better Dungeons (Image via YUNGNICKYOUNG/CurseForge)
The catacombs in YUNG’s Better Dungeons (Image via YUNGNICKYOUNG/CurseForge)

Another dungeon improvement mod in Minecraft, YUNG’s Better Dungeons redesigns the Overworld dungeons into several different types. It makes vanilla dungeons much deeper and more intriguing.

The mod adds new dungeons for players to explore such as spider caves, catacombs, and undead strongholds. Dungeons aren’t as flashy as in When Dungeons Arise!, but they’re still great places to investigate and loot if players feel well equipped.

6) Apotheosis

Final themed bookshelves in Apotheosis (Image via Shadows_of_Fire/CurseForge)
Final themed bookshelves in Apotheosis (Image via Shadows_of_Fire/CurseForge)

A punchy Minecraft mod that’s closer to the core gameplay, Apotheosis adds just enough to the game to keep it fresh, but doesn’t overwhelm the player with content.

Through the use of a book and a gold ingot, players can create the Shadow Chronicle, which will guide them through all the mechanics that the mod offers.

The mod is divided into different modules, each with its own RPG-style magic touch. Altered content includes enchantments, gardening, potions, and villages.

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7) Ice and Fire: Dragons

A Gorgon turns her target to stone in Ice and Fire (Image via sbom_xela/CurseForge)
A Gorgon turns her target to stone in Ice and Fire (Image via sbom_xela/CurseForge)

While dragons are a huge part of this Minecraft RPG mod, they are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Players who install Ice and Fire: Dragons can also find Hippogryphs, Pixies, Gorgons, Sirens, and Death Worms in the game.

When it comes to the titular dragons, players have many ways to interact with them. Players can fight these powerful wyrms or tame them and keep them as pets. These dragons can even be bred, and the mod provides a bestiary to help players learn about the bevy of new magical mobs around them.

8) FTB Missions

Feed the Beast Quests players can find through the mod (Image via FTB/CurseForge)
Feed the Beast Quests players can find through the mod (Image via FTB/CurseForge)

Feed the Beast is one of the most popular mod collections in Minecraft. This particular mod does not feature all of FTB’s content, instead focusing on its RPG-style quests.

Players are tasked with various companies to receive various rewards. These missions range from basic tasks to more challenging cumulative tasks and initiatives.

However, players will not reach these milestones without benefit, so their work will not go unrewarded.

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9) mine colonies

A baker in Minecolonies (Image via H3lay/CurseForge)
A baker in Minecolonies (Image via H3lay/CurseForge)

Minecolonies is probably one of the most well-rounded mods in the entirety of Minecraft, and this remains true for the RPG mod category as well.

Players take the place of a mayor and city planner, laying the groundwork for a town, village, or colony. They can create entire collections of structures, complete with NPCs to work the necessary jobs as needed.

Minecolonies has also been one of the best developed mods in the Minecraft community over the years, ensuring that players are never short of something to do while building their ideal colony.

10) The Twilight Forest

A tower by the water in The Twilight Forest mod (Image via Benimatic/CurseForge)
A tower by the water in The Twilight Forest mod (Image via Benimatic/CurseForge)

The Twilight Forest is a mod that is all about dimensional exploration. It keeps the player’s other dimensions, such as the Overworld, intact while providing a whole new dimension to explore.

Twilight Forest comes complete with well-developed dungeons, loot, and unique treasures. It even has in-depth boss battles with multiple mechanics per fight. The forest can be accessed through a portal like End and the Nether, but this dimension is a long way from either.

There is simply too much to explain, and players will just have to try this mod to see how much they enjoy its content.

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