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Resident Evil Season 2 on Netflix: What to Expect – The UBJ

Resident Evil Season 2 on Netflix: What to Expect – The UBJ
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Resident Evil Season 2 on Netflix: What to Expect – The UBJ

Since Resident Evil has been available on Netflix for a few weeks now, we have a lot of information on how it’s doing. Here’s what we currently know about the future of the series, but Netflix has yet to reveal if it will be renewed or cancelled.
The recently released Resident Evil Netflix Original series was developed by Andrew Dabb and is based on the Capcom game of the same name. The same producers that brought you all the Resident Evil movies, Constantin Film and Moonlighting Films, are responsible for the series. It is simply one of the many video game adaptations that Netflix is ​​currently producing.

Albert Wesker and his daughters Jade and Billie move to New Raccoon City in the year 2022. Years later, it is discovered that the planet has fallen victim to the T-Virus, where mutant creatures and zombies roam. Jade Wesker must now travel the world in search of a cure to save the remaining survivors of civilization.

Has Resident Evil received a second season on Netflix?

Netflix has yet to decide if it will order a second season of Resident Evil as of this writing. Given the popularity of the franchise, there will no doubt be plenty of eyes on the show, ensuring that Resident Evil will appear on numerous top ten lists around the world. Whether it can get the audience it needs to secure a second season remains to be seen.
Resident Evil enjoyed a 72 million hour opening weekend on the service, which is pretty encouraging. It remained at #2 for the week with 73 million in week 2 (its second full week).

Although reviews from reviewers were ultimately divided (it has a 53 percent rating on RottenTomatoes), viewers have been pretty outspoken about their dislike of the show thus far. The series only has a 3.8/10 rating on IMDb as of August (down from 3.4 on opening weekend) and a 26 percent approval rating on RottenTomatoes. For perspective, it should be noted that Netflix has a reputation for mistreating source content when adapting anime or video games.

What can we expect from Resident Evil 2?

Throughout the season, it was widely implied that the collapse of civilization was caused by Joy, the miracle medicine that Albert Wesker had been working on for Umbrella. However, it appears that the escaping Tyrant is what caused the initial outbreak in New Raccoon City.
One of Umbrella’s most potent bioweapons, Tyrants are a force of nature that are almost impossible to eliminate with normal methods. With a Tyrant roaming the streets of New Raccoon City and Cape Town barely an hour apart, it’s easy to see how quickly an infection could spread. As the virus spreads around them, we get to witness Jade, Billie and Uncle Bert trying to flee South Africa.

Albert handed Jade a piece of paper with Ada Wong’s address on it before leaving the lab. Ada is a former employee of the original Albert Wesker, so it will be interesting to find out her relationship with the cloned Albert. A master of hand-to-hand combat and the use of small arms, Ada can teach Jade how to fight.

Simply put, Jade and Billie are the most dysfunctional sisters in the world right now. But, with Billie kidnapping her niece Bea from her, Jade will go to any lengths to bring her daughter home. There’s also the matter of Bea’s talents, as she demonstrated some control over the massive crocodile. It’s not known if Bea has any influence on the Zeros, but you can guarantee that Billie will explore the possibility of experimenting with Bea’s blood.

When will Netflix release Resident Evil season 2?

Filming took place in a variety of locations throughout 2021.
The first round of filming occurred between February and July 2021. After a brief summer hiatus, filming began in September 2021 and concluded a few months later in December 2021. We don’t expect to see Resident Evil Season 2 on Netflix. until at least 2024.

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