Recap of Resident Evil Season 1 Episode 4: The Turn


Recap of Resident Evil Season 1 Episode 4: The Turn

Beginning the midpoint of demonic resident It’s Season 1 Episode 4 titled “The Turn”… Billie’s timer is about to run out and Jade finds herself surrounded by a dangerous cult.

Summary of Resident Evil Season 1 Episode 4 – 2022

We’re only a few hours away from the countdown reaching zero and Billie turning into a zombie from the bite she received in episode one. This seems to be the perfect time for the sisters to decide to go to a party that Simon invited Jade to.

After all, where else would you want your potentially contagious sister to be was a crowded house party? Of course, it turns out this isn’t a house party.

It’s a group of teenagers hanging out at what appears to be an abandoned construction site. The site is complete with a skateboard half-pipe in the middle of the lot and a DJ on some scaffolding.

You know, normal teenage party stuff. Billie, perhaps worried about the doom clock her sister is running, borrows a skateboard and tries out the halfpipe.

She pulls off the trick without dying, but Jade misses out because she’s talking to Simon. Billie then finds a quiet scaffold to sit on and mope.

The party is interrupted by the appearance of Ángel, the reporter Jade spoke to on the computer. Angel appears to have broken into New Raccoon City for the specific purpose of talking to Jade and finding out exactly who was bitten by an infected animal in order to interview them.

By following the Instagram accounts of all the teenagers in New Raccoon City, Angel was able to locate Jade. Of course, being a grown man, he stood out at the half-pipe scaffolding DJ construction lot’s teenage party, and quickly dissolved around him, leaving him to talk to Jade and Billie.

According to Angel, the original Raccoon city, was the first instance in which the virus came out. The entire city was bombed by Umbrella and the US government in a cover-up to prevent the thousands of infected from spilling out into the general population.

On top of that, he tells the two sisters that according to official records their father has been dead since 2009 and neither of them technically exist. Seeing the bite marks on Billie’s shoulder, she realizes that she is the victim of the bite.

The sisters flee from Ángel, who is arrested by the New Raccoon City police. Billie freaks out in response to the new information about the infected, knowing it could happen to her at any moment.

But Jade brings up the countdown to show that it’s over five minutes ago, and yet she’s still not a zombie. And now… back to the future.

Summary of Resident Evil Season 1 Episode 4 – 2036

Adult Jade along with Umbrella representative Baxter have been taken prisoner by The Brotherhood. That’s the name of the group that brought them both to the end of the previous episode.

It turns out that the Brotherhood is a religious cult that sees the rise of the zeros and the collapse of society as a cleansing of the world of a select few, specifically themselves. Jade and Baxter’s role in this new society, along with many other humans, seems to be the fuel for their treasure trove of zeroes’ work.

One of the cult members is the classic. demonic resident character chainsaw man. He is a man with a chainsaw and a sack of potatoes on his head and he cuts food for the Zeroes.

Now, the idea of ​​being Zero food is something that obviously bothers Jade, but also intrigues her, as The Brotherhood seems to have figured out a way to get the Zeroes to do manual labor for the cult. It turns out that her secret is a special and specific female Zero who the other Zeroes seem to listen to.

A sort of Queen Zero, which to Jade indicates that the virus is evolving if Zeros show higher brain functions like organization. That’s exactly what she was studying in the first episode, remember?

It turns out that Baxter is pretty good at escaping places, promising Jade that if she helps him escape, then Umbrella will leave her alone. Once the two are out of the cell, along with the rest of the Umbrella foot soldiers, they all get a gun.

Jade picks up the chainsaw left behind by a dead chainsaw who died in the initial breakout. The initial escape also happens to push as many buttons as possible in an effort to find a way out of the compound.

This, of course, frees all the Zeros from the place. There can now be an extended sequence of killing zombies.

As Baxter and Umbrella shoot many Zeroes, Jade takes the chainsaw and cuts Queen Zero’s head off, wanting to further explore the idea of ​​organization among the Zeroes. The treasure tops almost everyone, cult members and Umbrella alike.

Even Baxter is shot down by the swarm and is presumed dead for the time being. Only Jade appears to escape the compound and return to the surface alone, leaving her pretty much exactly where she was at the end of the last episode.

Except this time, she has a head in a bag.

In summary…

We’re halfway through the show at this point and the weaknesses are beginning to show. I mean, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore the question of why it had to be a TV show.

Zombie stories, by their nature, tend to be relatively short. None of the demonic resident movies are close to two hours long.

Most zombie stories that are longer tend to be deliberately about something else (like The Walking Dead). But until now, demonic resident It’s really been about following the beats of a zombie movie, it just takes a lot longer to do.

It feels like the side stories, one before the start of the outbreak and one after the full-blown zombie apocalypse, are the start of a new take. But in practice, it seems like he’s just trying to hide how long it takes for something to happen.

Billie was bitten in the first episode, and now we’re halfway through the series and she still hasn’t turned. As for the apocalypse scenes, this is where we’re supposed to have the full action zombie sequences.

But we actually only have one five-minute sequence per episode. While they aren’t bad zombie sequences, the gaps between those action sequences start to feel longer and longer.

Do you think Baxter is dead? Why hasn’t Billie turned yet?

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