Fortnite player proves Groot skin is pay-to-win in viral clip

Fortnite player proves Groot skin is pay-to-win in viral clip
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Fortnite player proves Groot skin is pay-to-win in viral clip

Groot was introduced to Fortnite in Chapter 2 Season 4. He is a Battle Pass exclusive cosmetic item and has four styles. Although he was only added to the game in 2020, he had already stolen hearts around the world in 2014. Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Due to his fame and loyalty to his team, when the in-game cosmetic was announced, fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on it. Despite the skin having a limited time, many loopers have managed to bag it and continue to wear it to this day. However, the skin has faced its fair share of criticism.

@Wensoing @Lorenz_4734 Jokes aside, this is actually a pretty horrible concept, but Aquaman. fortnite has gone to great lengths to state that they would never release a pay to win skin and that all pay to win skins right now are being abused like superhero and groot skins

According to the community, the Groot skin, to some extent, is pay-to-win in Fortnite. Since it blends in so well with brown backgrounds, it is possible to hide in plain sight when next to a tree or on the edge of a cliff. However, as one Redditor discovered, the skin also remains somewhat invisible even while hiding in the Klomberry Bush.

Gooseberries appear to be the latest collectible item to be added to Fortnite Chapter 3.

During what appeared to be the endgame of a duo in Fortnite, Reddit user RevB0T was wearing the Groot skin and tried his luck hiding in a bush. Now, hiding or camping in the bushes is not a new strategy. It has been around for years and has worked well in many situations.

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Since they hide characters completely, it’s possible to camp on them and stay relatively safe. However, in the case of RevB0T, the player takes shelter in a Klomberry Bush. Given how small they are, it’s technically impossible to stay hidden in them.

Since the character’s outfit is visible, even players with tunnel vision will be able to spot this anomaly. But for some reason, it seems that the opponents in the match that day did not see the hidden player. In fact, they even walked up to the Klomberry Bush and casually harvested the Klomberry before returning to the fight.

It looks like the Groot skin is pay-to-win in Fortnite. Despite its brown color, it remains fairly well hidden when crouched inside a green Klomberry Bush. However, there is another plausible reason why the opponents didn’t notice the player in the bush.

According to the community, not being able to see someone hiding in the bush is quite common. Since most players focus on moving targets, they don’t pay attention to something stationary. With that said, here are some hilarious reactions from other users:

The big question: Is Groot a pay-to-win skin in Fortnite?

While the answer would suggest a resounding yes, it has a lot to do with the environment. If a fight occurs in a wooded area or on brown terrain, the skin can potentially give players an advantage.

The moment an opponent loses sight of a player and stops moving, it can be argued that they would be well hidden and hard to spot. However, since tunnel vision and focusing only on moving targets is not something all players do, those wearing the Groot skin may not gain any advantage in combat.

That said, while fur is profitable to a point, it only works when the conditions are perfect in every way possible. Even so, this trick is unlikely to work against professional and experienced players.

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