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Every Call of Duty Game From The 2010s, Ranked By Metacritic

Every Call of Duty Game From The 2010s, Ranked By Metacritic
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Every Call of Duty Game From The 2010s, Ranked By Metacritic

Obligations is one of the few modern franchises to release a new installment every year, with two teams developing games in parallel to allow for more frequent releases. As such, the franchise has more entries than most. Each installment has its fans and detractors, but there are those who are widely accepted as better than others.

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Whether the games have a superior storyline, multiplayer gameplay, or the addition of game modes like the infamous zombiessome Obligations games simply attract more players. Metacritic scores often reflect this, revealing which games found a warmer reception and which were found lacking.

eleven Infinite Warfare took the series too far from its roots (78%)

Nope Obligations the game has not been liked at present, but many considered infinity war a disappointment, even from its announcement trailer. Depicting a story about space combat and assault installations in orbit around planets, many gamers felt that the series had strayed too far from its World War II origins.

Despite Obligations underwent changes, few were as poorly received as infinity warThe switch to science fiction. Upon release, the game featured the same strong gameplay fans had come to expect, but the setting and accompanying weak campaign storyline proved to be persistent sticking points for many.

10 Ghosts never got off the ground (78%)

After the conclusion of the Modern war trilogy, the same creative team produced Call of Duty: Ghosts. Set in a near-future dystopian setting, she started a story that went nowhere, due to her campaign and her story being one of the most disliked in the entire franchise.

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ghosts it received some praise for its gameplay, particularly the unique “Extinction” mode, but was found by players to be a disappointing entry. Additionally, it featured the series’ most hated villain, Gabriel Rorke, a flat and seemingly omnipotent villain.

9 Modern Warfare 3 failed to land (78%)

For a while, Obligations had a trio of related games released every two years, the Modern war substring. The series took Obligations from its historical roots, placing the action in a theoretical modern war between the United States and Russia. Modern war became one of the most beloved games in the franchise, with some feeling modern warfare 2 achieved even more.

Modern Warfare 3 does not have the same level of prestige. In the eyes of gamers, it fails to keep things fresh, feeling like a retread from previous games. By adding a rush ending and unpopular options like lag compensation level in multiplayer, it is considered by players to be lower than previous games.

8 World War II went back to its roots (80%)

After several games going into the future, Call of Duty: World War II it’s a deliberate step back, returning to the WWII battlefields on which the series began. The game is presented as a historical throwback, concerned with emulating the feel of a historical war movie and recreating the series’ standard gameplay within it.

Many fans like the game for its return to a more conventional setting and its exploration of World War II. However, it is criticized by many for its abundance of clich├ęs and for borrowing gameplay mechanics from other franchises.

7 Black Ops III stands out from its franchise (81%)

Next to the Modern war trilogy, the covert operations The subseries has become one of the pinnacles in the Obligations franchise. While the first two games and potentially World at war remain some of the most loved entries, Covert Ops III it falls into more controversial territory for how much it stands out.

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The game is deliberately set a century later covert operations, having few plot connections to previous games. In addition, its gameplay changes to a more open and free approach, and includes an additional supernatural campaign. These differences are not to be hated, but they do make the game one of the more unusual entries in the franchise.

6 Mobile devices take things to a new platform (81%)

Mobile gaming is a huge market and many franchises are hoping to expand. The limited power of mobile devices, as well as the touchscreen-centric nature of their controls, can cause some games to struggle to cross the gap. call of duty: mobile fairs better than most.

It is not the first attempt of the franchise to move to mobile devices, call of duty: mobile is considered the best. Critics and fans alike applaud for capturing the core feel of the franchise and adapting it to mobile devices without compromising the things fans enjoy.

5 Modern Warfare remade a classic (81%)

After Modern Warfare 3 Concluded, the series remained stalled until 2019. call of duty: modern warfare became a reinvention of the original call of duty 4 modern warfarerebooting its continuity and bringing back beloved characters like Captain John Price and Soap MacTavish.

There are always risks in reinventing a beloved story, and Modern war falls prey to some of them. Players have questioned certain aspects of the characterization, such as Price’s pragmatism and the game’s previous difficulty. Overall, its more realistic story, realistic action, and decision to bring back a beloved series are enjoyed by many.

4 Advanced Warfare is best remembered for its memes (83%)

A good Metacritic score doesn’t always translate to a beloved game. Obligations: advanced warfare ranks higher than its immediate predecessor (in its series) ghosts and its follow-up (in its series), infinity warbut it is a game that many players overlook.

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While it maintains the solid core gameplay of the series, additions like exo-suits and other sci-fi mechanics leave a bad taste in some players’ mouths. Additionally, the game faces unfavorable comparisons to titles like Titanfall. The best-remembered part of the game is the infamous funeral scene, which births “Press F to pay respects” as a meme.

3 Black Ops II continues with greatness (83%)

The second game is explicitly part of the covert operations Serie, Obligations: Covert Ops II follows the original, making its own share of innovations. The game is notable for a greater focus on its cooperative elements. Your campaign has a branching story and your iteration of zombies includes some of the most complicated maps and mechanics seen in the franchise.

These options are worth it. While it doesn’t surpass the popularity of its predecessor, the game is considered by many to be a worthy sequel and one of the best of the decade. Obligations games. His campaign is still one of the best in the series and contains much loved images zombies maps like mob of the dead Y origins.

two Black Ops 4 lacks a campaign but adds a Battle Royale (85%)

Although infamously focused on multiplayer matters, the Obligations games have almost always included campaigns to go along with their multiplayer mode. These provide a co-op experience and opportunity to test out the mechanics, and several are well-liked in their own right. Call of Duty: Black Ops III It breaks this trend as it almost completely lacks a single player campaign.

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Instead, it features various challenges that players can complete across multiplayer maps and a previous Battle Royale mode. war zone in the form of “Blackout”. Although these changes remain highly controversial, the gunplay and multiplayer quality ensured it a high score on Metacritic.

1 Black Ops remains a Series A highlight (87%)

Even in a series with as many games as Obligations, some stand out above most others. Over a decade after its release, fans still love call of Duty Black Opswidely considered a pinnacle of the series along with the first two Modern war games.

Despite its imperfections, and criticism for its time-to-kill and lag tradeoff, covert operations gets high marks in all areas. Its multiplayer is fun and inventive without being totally unbalanced, it becomes zombies into a behemoth, and its conspiracy-thriller campaign is considered the best in the franchise, offering really interesting plot twists and concepts.

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