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Call Of Duty Is Nothing Unique Or Must-Have, Says Microsoft After Paying $50 Billion For It

Call Of Duty Is Nothing Unique Or Must-Have, Says Microsoft After Paying  Billion For It
Written by ga_dahmani
Call Of Duty Is Nothing Unique Or Must-Have, Says Microsoft After Paying  Billion For It

Yeah, there’s nothing special about the most profitable video game franchises of all time (photo: Activision) or the best way to win (photo: Activision).

For the sake of the successful acquisition of Activision, Microsoft has tried to downplay the importance of the company’s games.

It’s easy to forget that despite it being one of the biggest games in history, Microsoft no longer owns Activision.

The acquisition must first be approved by multiple regulatory bodies and to stop antitrust laws and a monopoly that will not allow it to stifle competition.

Microsoft has obviously been interested in making sure that doesn’t happen, and one way to do that is by downplaying popular Activisions games like Call Of Duty popular.

The definition is that an Activisions game is no different than a game of an original nature. Microsoft is probably putting off a software program for the games it wants to buy. To be honest, it’s pretty fun.

If these games weren’t so special, then Microsoft wouldn’t be trying to buy more than $50 billion from them. It’s the most expensive acquisition in gaming (and Microsoft) history and now almost 10 times the cost paid by ZeniMax, a company that Bethesdas runs.

There’s nothing special about Activision Blizzard’s video games, which is a must for rival PC and console makers if they want to expose them to foreclosure.

Will governments buy Microsoft’s argument? (photo: Blizzard).

This is based on a report published in June by the New Zealand State Commerce Commission, but was recently seen by Rock Paper.

Above all, Microsoft claims that its ownership of franchises like Call Of Duty would not make it impossible for its rivals to compete against it.

A similar report from the Brazilian regulatory body revealed that some companies like Ubisoft and Warner Bros think the same, but Sony strongly disagrees.

He believes that Call Of Duty is so popular that he can compete with it, so nothing else can hope to try to compete with it. It’s so popular that its fans can decide which platform they want to buy, such that an Xbox-only Call Of Duty would see PlayStation owners jump ship.

Call of Duty will become an Xbox exclusive after its deal with Sony expires, but Microsoft’s statement made by the New Zealand Trade Commission states that Call of Duty and other popular Activision Blizzard titles will still be available on PlayStation during the term of the existing agreement. and beyond.

Considered a true value, the company intends to keep most of Activision’s games cross-platform even after sales end. It leaves room for a new IP, but it is therefore an Xbox exclusive.

There’s also the issue that after buying Bethesda, the Xbox box, Phil Spencer said his future releases would come to other consoles on an individual case, for example, before adding that the acquisition was done primarily to get more exclusives.

If there are no Nintendo or Xbox versions available, all upcoming Bethesda games are now available only on Xbox.

The question that ultimately matters is whether Microsoft’s arguments are enough to convince regulators. Analysts believe the deal will go through without a hitch, but Wall Street investors are underpaid because it has been locked up or subject to an extended period of time in which Microsoft would abandon it.

Do you think it will happen or is there likely to be a lot of scrutiny? (photo: Activison)

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