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Call of Duty DFS Lineup Picks (4/8/22) – DraftKings Daily Fantasy COD Advice

Call of Duty DFS Lineup Picks (4/8/22) – DraftKings Daily Fantasy COD Advice
Written by ga_dahmani
Call of Duty DFS Lineup Picks (4/8/22) – DraftKings Daily Fantasy COD Advice

Hello DFS eSports enthusiasts and welcome back to RotoBaller’s coverage of the Call of Duty DFS Contests for DraftKings! We are finally here! COD Champs is upon us, it’s been a great season and hopefully I’ll see you next February! But for now, let’s smash the last two slates we have from the COD DFS season. We finished the regular season with a bang and we had a great smashing slate, so hopefully, we can carry that over to the final slates of the year. It’s the best of the best the rest of the way, so let’s get on with it!

This is easily one of my favorite sports to cover here at Rotoballer because I play a lot of COD myself and like to think I’m pretty good at it too. I’ve been following the COD League for about five years now and I can finally put all this knowledge to the test! First off we have the London Royal Ravens taking on the Seattle Surge, then we have the rising LA Thieves taking on the Boston Breach, after that we have the second seed Optic Texas taking on the Toronto Ultra and lastly we have the Atlanta FaZe facing the New York Subliners!

Today I will bring you my COD DFS tips, analysis and lineup picks for DFS eSports contests on DraftKings at Thursday, August 42022, at 3:00 p.m. EST. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @DFSKoby Or find me in the slack as I’m happy to interact with readers and try to answer your questions!

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Call of Duty: Major 4

best of 5

  • London Royal Ravens (-110) vs. Seattle Surge (-120)
  • LA Thieves (-410) vs. Boston Breach (+285)
  • Texas Optics (-164) vs. Toronto Ultra (+122)
  • Atlanta FaZe (-155) vs. NY Subliners (+120)

Whiteboard Overview

London has been one of those teams this year that just hasn’t performed on LAN and if it hadn’t been for their great online play this season, they probably wouldn’t be in this position on Champs. Seattle has been one of the best teams in LAN this year, but they looked horrible in the final stage. They’ve had 2 weeks to prepare for the champions and hopefully made some changes to their game. This is by far the closest champion game and it could go either way. This one is most likely going 0 4-5 games so he attacks the best players i.e. Pred, Bb, Afro, Gismo. It should be a priority when making a lineup with any of these teams. I give the advantage to Seattle because of how well they have played in LAN this season. Give me 3-1 Seattle.

The LA Thieves have had the Boston Breach number all season. They have two of the quickest wins in CDL history, both against Boston. They were both online as well, now we have it on LAN where the LA Thieves have been much better. It feels like a disappointing place and if you believe in that then by all means go to Boston Breach because that’s how you earn some GPPs but in all honesty LAT is on form right now and feels good. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is another 3-0 for LAT as they have been the better team in all game modes. 3-0 LAT.

Optic Texas looked good in their underdog run until they hit the brick wall that is Atlanta FaZe. Optic and Toronto have met twice recently and have split matches. However, both games went to game 5. And both games Dashy has been elite. Toronto looked pretty tough during their Major 4 run and struggled a lot at Hardpoint. Seeing that, I think Optic is in a great position to get the win here. I’m going to say 3-1 because I think they can take at least one SnD or Control.

NYSL made a miracle run during Major 4 and climbed from the depths of 11th to 8th and took the final Champs spot. However, they have a difficult task as they have to take on the Atlanta FaZe. One of the toughest tests they could have had was starting Champs against them. FaZe was once again making a run at a Major, but also came up short again. This time falling twice at the hands of LAT! They were great on HP and Control, but struggled in SnD during Major 4. This one could be close if NYSL can steal an HP as it’s been one of their best game modes. I think they can also take a SnD. Ultimately though this is what Atlanta should take and I will say 3-1 FaZe.

COD DFS Basics

  1. Just like in CSGO, players receive two points for kills and are penalized -1 for dying. Therefore, the easiest stat to look at here is the K/D ratio.
  2. You need to include a team post on both sites. Teams accumulate fantasy points for games won (+4), matches won (+10), and search and destroy/control rounds won (+.5).
  3. Teams will play best-of-five matches in a rotation of various game modes. Those modes and the order in which they are played are as follows: Hardpoint, Search & Destroy, Control, Hardpoint, Search & Destroy.
  4. In hardpoint rounds, players with positive K/D ratios are usually the ones with the highest score and these rounds are usually the bloodiest.
  5. They have also changed a game mode from Domination to Control for League play. This will be very different in the game as it is based on rounds and not first in 200. They play first to win 3 rounds. You win by capturing both points or by killing the enemy team until they run out of life. One team defends and the other attacks.
  6. There is a sweep bonus this year as both teams and players can get a 20 point player sweep and a 5 point team sweep. In the event that they sweep, they are also awarded a 20 point bonus for not playing the hard spot and a 5 point bonus for not playing the final Search and Destroy map. That adds up to a sweep of 45 extra points, which will be very crucial this year.

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Captain COD DFS Considerations

Elegant: Dashy has been by far the best Optic player this year and they are going to need that to continue, if Dashy fails the whole team will need their AR to blow up. During Major 4, he was the only player to have overall positive results in all 3 game modes for Optic with 1.15 HP, 1.25 SnD, and 1.02 Control. Dashy has scored over 95 DKP in all but one game scored by DK since April 1. He has a very high floor and a great ceiling. He’s up there and he commands a high price, but Dashy has shown all year why he’s worth every penny.

Celio: The likely MVP of the season is still priced cheaper than Simp. As I’ve said all season, I’ll take it when it’s cheaper. It’s more expensive than Abezy this time, but it’s been trending down recently, so I’ll stick with Cellium, who averaged 1.30 HP, 1.02 SnD, and 1.36 over 6 games during Major 4. This game should be close. and that can lead to a lot more deaths for Cellium, even if they weren’t going to sweep. Getting that extra Hardpoint map can lead to almost as many points.

prey: The presumed Rookie of the Year is having a phenomenal first season, leading Seattle to its first birth of Champions in the CDL era. He being fourth overall this season in K/D off the bench is impressive. As the other 4 in the top 5 are all AR players. He has an incredibly high ceiling scoring over 150 twice this season and averaging 113 DKP in games scored by DK. He is priced at just under 10k and has proven that he is worth every dollar of that. They only played one game during Major 4 and Pred was a big reason they were able to keep it around. He averaging 1.54 HP and 1.55 Control. His SnD has struggled, so if they can improve on that, then Pred is setting himself up for massive success.

Other Captain Plays: Octane, Sib, Shotzzy, KiSMET (GPP), Simp

COD DFS Value Plays

trash: I don’t think you can go wrong with Illey or Scump, but I feel like Scump is made for these moments. He is one of the top tier players in Call of Duty history and being on the champions feels good. During Major 4 he averaged 1.01 HP, .69 SnD, and .95 Control. They’re not the best in numbers, but he’s pretty cheap and I love the matchup. These two teams squared off during the Major 4 loser bracket race and Optic came out on top 3-2 where Scump pulled off 96 kills on a +3 K/D differential. As long as we get something similar we should be set for a great outing for Scump.

Afro: This is more of a GPP play. I think this game goes a long way and that can be good for a player like Afro. He fought through Major 4 but he’s had an up and down year and if there’s ever a time London needs him most it’s now. He has been a great Hardpoint and SnD player for London and as long as he doesn’t get too locked up and burned out in Control, this could be a tricky spot for those looking for an edge. He has $7,400 and has shown that he can make a difference in a match. I greatly prefer Gismo over Afro, but for value purposes, Afro is also a solid tournament game.

Other value plays: Kenny, Illey, Accuracy, CleanX (GPP)

Batteries COD DFS

Texas Optician: I wanted to go to the LA Thieves, but I think it ends up being the chalk pile, and I wanted to get away from making that my focus. With Atlanta having a tough matchup with a hot NYSL team, I chose Optic because I believe they are still one of the most complete teams in the CDL today. With Illey back, they get a dynamic leader for this team. He gets to where Scump and Shotzzy can do their thing while Dashy still crushes him with her 1.20 overall K/D. They also have some solid prices, as Scump and Illey are on the cheaper side of things, making it possible for them to fit in with a player like Dashy or Shotzzy. After LAT, I’m more confident Optic will get this against an up-and-down team in Toronto.

Other team plays: LA Thieves, Atlanta FaZe, Seattle Surge, NYSL (GPP)


  1. TLDR: 3-1 Seattle, 3-0 LAT, 3-1 Optic, 3-1 FaZe
  2. London: Afro, Gismo
  3. Seattle: Pred, Sib, Accuracy (value)
  4. LAT: All (shipped pretty expensive, my least favorite)
  5. Boston: Methods
  6. Optics: All
  7. Toronto: Cammy, CleanX
  8. Atlanta: Celio, Simp
  9. NYSL: Hydra, KiSMET

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