A terrifying monster is coming to Fortnite this Halloween, leaks show


A terrifying monster is coming to Fortnite this Halloween, leaks show

Fortnitemares, also known as the Halloween celebrations in Fortnite, is an exciting time of year for Epic Games’ popular battle royale title. The item shop is awash with spooky cosmetics, various points of interest are revamped to fit the occasion, and the story takes a dark turn. However, the best aspect of the event is the monsters and demons that are added to the map.

Last year, the game’s Halloween celebrations occurred during Chapter 2 Season 8. With the Cube Queen unleashing her Sideways Monsters on the island, the theme ran smoothly. The setting felt natural and seamless, and the highlight of the festivities was Shadow Midas’ skin.

With Fortnitemares roughly two and a half months away, leaks are already beginning to appear for the occasion. While the information available is not extensive, it does provide an idea of ​​what loopers can expect. One of the major leaks related to the spooky month has to do with an upcoming boss/creature that has some over-the-top abilities.

Upcoming Fortnitemares bosses/creatures test the community’s imagination

As of now, only a few things are known about this next boss/creature. According to HYPEX, he will have a “goo” effect along with the “Creature Rise and Summon Creature” abilities. At the moment, these definitions are quite vague and it is not known what they mean.

The best way to interpret this statement is to consider this new boss/creature to have the powers of a necromancer. Since they can resurrect the undead and reanimate those who have fallen during battle, perhaps Epic Games is working on an evil monster that practices necromancy.

That said, until more leaks surface, readers should take this information with a grain of salt. On that note, with no roadmap to follow, members of the community have decided to try and find out what the developers might be working on, with some even throwing memes into the fray.

Mysterious monster in the works for Fortnitemares

Considering how everything works in Fortnite, members of the community have been throwing around some radical ideas about what this new boss/creature could be. According to some, since Halloween will be in Chapter 3 Season 4, they are predicting that this leak belongs to none other than The Bloomwatcher.

Given that she is the current antagonist of Chapter 3, this would certainly make a lot of sense. She maybe she can breed flora-themed minions and use miniature reality trees as weapons. However, keep in mind that players don’t normally face magical opponents at ground level, so this may not happen.

Others speculated that the developers might be working on a variation of The Storm King. Given how popular he was in the game, fighting him would be fun and challenging. A cheeky Redditor also put a wild spin on the idea.

Perhaps one of the funniest ideas for the new boss/creature, it is inspired by Morbius. One user stated that Epic should create a vampire that turns into a bat and moves around the map. As the creature approaches the player, creepy music should play in-game. This is pretty similar to what the Caretakers did in Fortnitemares, but it could still be a fun addition.

All said and done, while the ideas are fun, Epic Games likely have their own designs in mind. Since production on the game’s themes and assets begins months in advance, they are likely putting the finishing touches on the next boss/creature. Loopers will have to be patient and wait for the big reveal.

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