Wind Waker comes to Minecraft in a beautiful resource pack


Wind Waker comes to Minecraft in a beautiful resource pack

A fan of The Wind Waker has created a huge and beautiful Minecraft resource pack based on the game, as well as other installments in the Zelda series.

a fan of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker has created a beautiful new Minecraft resource pack based on the game. Crossovers are a very common sight for Minecraftas the block-based sandbox game also recently received an official downloadable content based on the popular cartoon Sponge Bob Square Pants.

MinecraftThe easily moddable nature has helped make it a hotbed of creativity over the years, and fans can recreate all kinds of franchises in the game. Redstone and Command Blocks can be used for dramatic effect. Various mods have also been used to insert gameplay concepts and mechanics that radically change the Minecraft experience. And on top of this, some ambitious fans have taken things one step further. The sprawling mega-builds have been able to rebuild entire game worlds within the one from Minecraft, often with the help of custom texture packs to perfect the likeness. Naturally, this includes the land of Hyrule, which has seen The Great Plateau, including the shrines, rebuilt in-game by a passionate player, among various other projects.


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Now a dedicated fan of The wake of the wind has produced a comprehensive package of resources for Minecrafthaving been inspired by the official Super Mario Mix Pack. As reported by NintendoLifeTwitter user StephenJPlant has recently released a version of the ‘Wind Waker Edition’ pack compatible with Minecraft version 1.19 via minecraft planet. The package is actually too big to minecraft planetSystems are supported as a single download, and the full version even relies on the OptiFine optimization mod to work. This is a sequel to the pack containing over 150 different new character skins amongst many other changes including new music and redesigned mobs. As a result, Link and his friends are able to set sail on Minecraft‘s while facing familiar enemies along the way.

The Wind Waker resource pack contains references to other Zelda games.

It should also be noted that it is not only The wake of the wind which has been reproduced here. Among the hundreds of new villager and item variants included, there are many entities and items that are based on other The legend of Zelda games. For example, the Subrosians, the subterranean race gathered in oracle of seasonscan also be found deep underground in Minecraft by using this resource pack. Other races found in the pack have similarly appropriate spawn locations in the game, such as the Twili found at the end. New items that can be found naturally include the Master Sword, one of the most powerful weapons in the franchise.

This resource pack is an extremely impressive piece of work, essentially reviewing the entire Minecraft experience. The integration of several races of The legend of Zelda alone makes the world much more diverse. Combined with the new music and redesigned items, the resource pack looks a lot like a full official DLC. The graphics are instantly recognizable and highly distinctive, making the world a beautiful recreation of not only The wake of the windbut Zelda franchise as a whole. Fans of the series will surely be very excited to explore what’s on offer here; although it is not the official Wind Waker port for Switch that so many expect, Wind Waker Edition is certainly a worthy substitute while waiting for such an announcement continues.

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