Warzone player finds a fun way to use death to take out enemies


Warzone player finds a fun way to use death to take out enemies

Both Warzone players and content creators have called for Verdansk to return in Season 5. so they can play it one last time before Warzone 2. However, there are a few things to consider before demanding Verdansk’s return.

The idea of ​​Verdansk brings back fond memories for many Warzone players. Having a ton of friends online, stepping into this sprawling landscape, and fighting to be the last team standing is what happened in 2020.

However, fatigue eventually kicked in and players were desperate for a new map. Caldera finally arrived in December 2021, but many were disappointed with the new offer and called for Verdansk to return.

Warzone 2.0 arrives later in 2022, and social media has been flooded with players demanding the return of Verdansk in Season 5 as a final farewell before Warzone 2 arrives.

Regardless of your thoughts on Caldera, there are a few things to consider before demanding that Raven Software bring back the OG map.

take off your rose colored glasses

There’s no denying that Verdansk is a huge reason for Warzone’s success, and almost every player has fond memories of leaving the Superstore while stuck inside. While Caldera isn’t everything players wanted, it did fix a lot of Verdansk’s problems.

In addition to its muted color palette that players often complained about, stairwells, tall buildings, and open spaces with little to no cover infested Verdansk. The center had a team on the roof of almost every building, making the area a death trap for anyone passing by.

Caldera, on the other hand, has fewer opportunities for players to camp inside buildings. There are no skyscrapers with 30-odd stories to climb, nor are there buildings like the ATC with only one elevator to get to the top.

This wasn’t a huge deal back when Modern Warfare weapons were the meta, but Vanguard weapons are a different story. Long-range projectors like the NZ-41 would be a nightmare in Verdansk, as players could effortlessly send enemies all over the map. This would force players inside, and a lot of fighting would be a stalemate, as the rooftop campers would have all options covered.

Verdansk Airport ATC Tower

However, redeploying balloons could be the saving grace here. Players can fly around the map to avoid rooftop campers raining hell from above, and if balloons can launch players high enough to reach the top of skyscrapers, then this could help alleviate camping problem.

think about the bugs

The Warzone developers have already admitted that the game is “bloated”, making it hard for them to find bugs and fix them quickly. While Fortune’s Keep had a relatively smooth launch, there’s no guarantee that Verdansk will return without a hitch.

Considering there is rumored to be no season 6, this would only give the devs one season to fix any issues. And if it takes a season to get Verdansk to a place where players are happy, chances are they’ll have moved on to Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 by the time it arrives.

Nobody wants the last few weeks of war zone be frustrating due to a ton of bugs and map glitches, and replacing Caldera with Verdansk could open up a Pandora’s Box of problems.

Your hard drive would suffer

Warzone creative lead Josh Bridges explained that they want to add map rotation between Verdansk and Caldera, but “there’s a glitch.”

“The install and reinstall sizes are fucking crazy. It’s crazy,” Bridges explained. “If we pulled Caldera and said, ‘Okay, we’re going to move to Verdansk,’ this could essentially be like re-downloading Warzone to the size.”

They explained that every time they released a big update, they actually lost players. He explained that players would say “I don’t want to download this again, uninstall it”.

Of course, many players have said that many of their friends who left would return to Verdansk. However, many gamers would see a 100 GB update and avoid it altogether.

While some might not mind a “fucking crazy” download, this would be a serious problem for gamers with limited hard drive space.

Players may very well want to bring back the feel of playing Verdansk, rather than Verdansk itself. While I’m sure a lot of OG players will be thrilled to see the return of the map, if you’re one of the players hunting down Raven Software to get the original map back, it’s worth thinking about what this could mean for the game.

In any case, you shouldn’t have to wait long before there’s a new map to play as the leaked Warzone 2 map is set to feature plenty of POIs from the original Modern Warfare 2.

Image Credit: Activision