The uncharted history of Fortnite’s giant chair

The uncharted history of Fortnite’s giant chair
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The uncharted history of Fortnite’s giant chair

Megastructures in Fortnite are not an uncommon sight. From the illustrious Tilted Towers POI to the Mighty Monument, these works of art have delighted fans of the game. They are testament to the creativity and effort of the developers to create the metaverse. However, some of them are more unique than others.

At the start of Chapter 3 Season 3, a familiar yet quirky mega-structure was added to the map. It’s not the first time it’s been seen in the game, but given how long ago it was last seen, hardly anyone remembers what exactly it is. The structure discussed here is none other than the unnamed giant chair.

There is a giant chair on the Fortnite map🤔

What would Fortnite be without giant chairs?

The giant chair is not new to Fortnite. He was first seen in Chapter 1 on the Athena Island map. It was located north of the Flush Factory and was created from wood. As with most chairs, this one didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.

Players can build a ramp to the structure and spend some time on a giant chair or knock it down for material. For most players, it was just another hack on the island. However, in Chapter 1 Season 7, the giant chair was turned into a giant sleigh to keep up with the Christmas theme. That said, he still didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.

In Chapter 1 Season 9, the giant chair was transformed into a giant rocket to keep up with the theme. The material used was also changed from wood to metal. This was the last time the chair/rocket would be seen on the island when it was sucked into the Black Hole during the Season X live event.

Having bounced around throughout Chapter 2 and the first two seasons of Fortnite Chapter 3, the giant chair is finally back on the island. Although it looks a bit different due to being covered in flowering vines, it is still the same chair from the old days.

@Snowflaxe @GameFortnite @Ninja As the others flee or fight, the chair… (?) hardens to prepare for the attack… Narrator’s note: How the hell does a giant chair harden and say it’s in danger?

While some may wonder why the giant chair has suddenly returned, it makes a lot of sense given the Reality Tree. With the ability to change the reality of different points of interest on a whim, it can be agreed that he is powerful enough to split himself into a simple chair.

Since history in Fortnite tends to repeat itself, the giant chair can be turned into a sleigh for Christmas. Although it will not be functional, it will still be a very fun attraction on the island. The inspiration behind the giant chair in the game comes from a real-life attraction.

Giant furniture used to advertise businesses

Similar to how Epic Games added a giant chair to Fortnite as a gimmick, its real-life counterparts served the same purpose. A photograph taken in 2003 showed horses standing in a paddock under oversized furniture, including a table and chair.

While the story behind the photograph was disproportionately distorted, the image became a staple in pop culture online. Since Epic draws inspiration from real-life props and events, they likely had the idea for the giant chair in this photograph.

Also, since it was added at the beginning of Chapter 1, it cannot be argued that it was connected to the story or the events that unfold on the island. It was just an accessory and added some flavor to the map, but mostly it allowed loopers to sit on oversized furniture and take screenshots.

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