How to Make a Sculk Sensor Trap in Minecraft

How to Make a Sculk Sensor Trap in Minecraft
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How to Make a Sculk Sensor Trap in Minecraft

Traps are an essential part of the game. Minecraft. If you’re on a server with friends, you may want to rig your door so it explodes just as they enter, causing a small explosion. This is all a lot of fun, but with update 1.19, you can now make traps that are triggered by movement.

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In this guide, we will review the Basics of cheating with Sculk Sensors. These unique (and noisy) blocks can only be found in Deep Dark, so let’s take a look at how to get them first.

Venturing into the deep darkness

As mentioned above, you will have to go to Deep Dark to get a Sculk Sensor. This is a new underground cave biome that is Guardian’s house. The Guardian is pretty deadly, and also spawns if you activate enough Sculk Sensors.


To get a Sculk sensor, we recommend crouching when walking; this will decrease the amount of noise you make. Also, try to lie down wool or carpet while you walk like this you will make even less noise.

Once you find a Sculk Sensor, you can destroy it as quickly as possible with a hoe that has been enchanted with Silk Touch.

If you use a tool without Silk Touch, the sensor will be destroyed.

After gathering your Sculk Sensor, there is a very likely chance that it will activate it, as well as others in the area. We recommend getting out of here as soon as possible. If you tunneled, go back to your tunnel. If you have an elytra on, you can fly to safety at the top of the cave.

For those of you feeling brave, you can also go toe-to-toe with the Guardian. Be sure to check out this guide on Warden mechanics to be prepared.

Basics of Redstone Trap Making

In general, redstone traps are fairly simple to set up. Above, you can see a redstone lamp attached to redstone, which connects to a lever. The lever acts as a trigger, sending a signal through the red stone, going to the lamp and turning it on. You can replace the lever with a pressure plate, button or tripwire to get the same effect.

This will also work if the redstone lamp was replaced with TNT.

Sculk sensor triggers

Now, with the basics of redstone traps in mind, let’s look at how to make a trap with a Sculk Sensor.

In the example in the previous section, you had to flip the switch to activate the red stone. This can be replaced with a button or pressure plate, but it still requires action, which can be difficult if you’re setting up a secret trap.

That’s where the Sculk sensors come in handy. These sensors are motion activated, which means that if you set up a basic TNT trap, it will explode once the Sculk sensor detects motion.

sculk sensors detect vibrations in a block of nine area around them. Virtually every noise in the game can trigger a Sculk Sensor.

TNT Minecarts and Sculk Sensors

There is a delay on the TNT explosion, but you can create instant explosions if you use TNT mine carts.

To create a Sculk Sensor trap with TNT mining carts, you will need to place two electric rails between two blocks, as shown in the picture above. From here you will place two TNT Minecarts on one of the motorized rails. It is important that you place these mining carts on the side of the rail, which is also highlighted in the image above..

Now it’s time to attach the Sculk sensor. With the sensor attached, any movement will cause the mine carts to instantly explode. You can place the sensor directly next to the TNT, or distance it using a line of redstone dust.

Sculk Screamers

If a Sculk Sensor is near a Sculk Shrieker, the Sculk Shrieker will activate with the sensor and make a loud sound. Scream traps give you the chance to scare your friends without damaging any property.

The sensors can activate multiple screams at the same time, which generates a louder noise.

Activating your own trap

Sculk sensors can be quite dangerous to work with. If you plan to use these sensors to cheat, you will need to be careful not to trigger your own trap.

Because of this, We recommend placing the Sculk Sensor once you have completed your trap. This will ensure that you don’t fall victim to your own cheat as you continue to cheat.

Make sure you are always crouching with a Sculk Sensor attached. You can choose lay wool and rugs Also, so you don’t accidentally activate the sensor.

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