Gamers8 Fortnite LAN ended with dramatic win for EpikWhale and Malibuca

Gamers8 Fortnite LAN ended with dramatic win for EpikWhale and Malibuca
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Gamers8 Fortnite LAN ended with dramatic win for EpikWhale and Malibuca

A rare Fortnite event took place this weekend. Saudi Gamers8’s Fortnite LAN brought together some of the best players to compete for a massive prize pool. It featured in-person gaming matches between some of the best Fortnite players. Typically, Epic only hosts very limited LAN events each year. This makes any time players are in a room a sight to behold.

In all honesty, no one expected the final to be as exciting as it was.

EpikWhale Malbuca Gamers8

Gamers8 Fortnite LAN

Gamers8 Fortnite LAN saw teams vying for a share of a whopping $2 million prize pool. The event was split between Zero Build and regular Fortnite Battle Royale. Epic is rolling out tests for the Zero Build competition, so it’s good to see more tournaments popping up for this side of the game.

Gamers8 Fortnite LAN had some teething problems. The tournament invited many big names such as Tfue and Pokimane along with other Fortnite pros. However, many people did not want to attend. Some players even got quite angry on Twitter at those who still chose to attend. While there is a decent prize pool at stale, some players opted not to attend as it was held in Saudi Arabia.

The Gamers8 competition is not the first event like this. Rocket League has had similar tournaments. Also at that event, some notable names opted out. Some players were missing from the Fortnite tournament, such as Bugha and Cented. However, the players who competed included some of the best talent in Fortnite.

battle royale tournament

The final event of the normal Battle Royale game was finally won by EpikWhale and Malibuca. These are not a duo that normally play together. This tournament was the first major they played together as a duo.

Heading into the final game of four days of competition, there were three duos who still had a chance at first place. The final match concluded with an epic ending. The players were close together when the storm began to move. The teams had to break old constructions. While the margin or error was almost eliminated. Any mistakes in a stacked endgame like that would cost a duo their spot.

EpikWhale and Maribuca pushed hard in the final minutes. After a tense crash wiped out most of the remaining hall, the circle became a small mess of ancient construction.

Malibuca and Epik were trapped at the bottom of the buildings with almost no room to breathe. The two had to move through the storm, grabbing kills from stragglers while staying alive. This late game saw the duo playing risky.

Only two teams remained, while Malibuca was reduced to minimal builds. The duo briefly split up with the opponents taking the high ground. However, Malibuca made a risky play through the storm with the medical fog to stay alive and regroup. The duo then killed the remaining sunken enemies and took the Victory Royale throughout the tournament.

This was an incredibly close final game. The kind of match that shows how entertaining Fortnite can be at its highest level. The two payers performing like this in their first tournament together is impressive.

Fortnite No Builds Tournament Gamers8

The No Builds tournament was less stacked than the box fight in Battle Royale, but it was also an entertaining round. This tournament saw Pinq and Anas pull off an incredible comeback in the final game. The duo entered the match in fifth place. However, they managed to fight their way to the top of the leaderboard in the final match.

A game of 12 kills pushed them way up the rankings for the final match. Pinq and Anas took home $250,000 for their No Builds victory.

The Gamers8 Fortnite Invitational had a surprising result. EpikWhale and Malibuca’s victory was one of the most dramatic finishes recently. It will be interesting to see how this close dynamic plays out at the next official Epic LAN, the FNCS Invitational this winter.

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