Call Of Duty Games With The Best Zombies Modes


Call Of Duty Games With The Best Zombies Modes

ObligationsThe basic Zombies game mode was initially a fun game mode with no future in sight. That was until the credits rolled for the players in call of duty world at war, and the fans met the horde of zombies. Endless rounds of fear, fun and limbs, that’s what the game mode offered.

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After 14 years since the first Call of Duty Zombies, players have loved the challenge of endless rounds and hordes of undead zombies. The Treyarch-designed mode has been implemented on many, but not all, Obligations titles Along with great characters, weapons, maps and enemies.

10 Vanguard

With the title of 2021, Call of Duty: Vanguard, the Zombies game mode returned in a significantly smaller way. Until June 2022, Zombies didn’t even have the beloved classic round-based gameplay, and only recently received a new map featuring a new version of Shi No Numa. Vanguard not only lacks Zombies content, but the game itself is somewhat lackluster.

Most Zombies fans can agree that Vanguard is a disappointment to the Zombies in the franchise. The story is lackluster, considering the lore is often a compelling mystery. The gameplay itself is too similar, with weapons, perks, and other systems remaining unattractive.

9 black ops 4

After the climax of black ops 3Zombies, fans were thrilled to see the return of the game mode for black ops 4. Not only did fan-favorite characters return, but there was also a new Zombie team in an alternate timeline. Both stories, separate but equally convoluted, lacked outright intrigue and otherwise stale gameplay.

black ops 4 He tried to change the Zombies formula but was unsuccessful. Most of the maps were pale remakes of previous maps and sacrificed intricate layouts for large areas. Many consider black ops 4 Zombies as one of the weakest entries.

8 Second World War

With Obligations finally going back to his roots and going back to the past, Call of Duty: World War II sought to bring back the horror elements seen in the first iteration of COD zombies. The team was successful, and the zombie designs were grotesque and horrible to witness. The crew was a star-studded cast of actors to wrestle with, such as David Tennant and Ving Rhames.

However, despite the cast, and the great detail of the world and zombies, the maps were missing something. The gameplay was different enough from previous Zombies to remain interesting, but there were too many perks that made the game easier than others.

7 infinity war

With Infinity Ward setting the stage for their take on Zombies, things entered the realm of fun and campy. Infinity Ward ditched the horror aspects of Zombies and brought a new groove to the franchise. The first map is a fun theme park with classic 80’s tunes and even David Hasselhoff. The Easter egg itself involved aliens and the devil.

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The maps consisted of celebrity cameos such as Kevin Smith and featured a different gender for each map. On one such map, players embark on a kung-fu journey against hordes of zombies. The Infinity Ward team seemed to be having a lot of fun with their take on Zombie mode.

6 advanced warfare

With Sledgehammer Games leading its first Obligations title, advanced warfare experimented with movement more than other COD games. Exoskeletons were used for better versatility in jumping and running, and even zombies could move more.

The game featured a talented cast, with the likes of Jon Bernthal, John Malkovich, and the Evil Dead’s own Bruce Campbell. The gameplay was quite fun and there was a good variety of maps. However, it just didn’t feel like a Treyarch title.

5 Black Ops 2

After the success of Zombies, Activision knew they had to spend more time and money on the game. After all, he has a loyal fan base. With call of duty: black ops 2players saw the multiplayer engine in use for Zombies, as well as new stat tracking, improved leaderboards, and skill-based matchmaking.

Black Ops 2 featured a plethora of interesting maps, as well as famous Easter eggs that players have come to expect from the franchise. Black Ops 2 features great moments in the Zombies series as well as game modes unique to Zombies.

4 World at war

When the credits rolled on call of duty world at war campaign, many players may have been startled by the sight of shuffling bodies running towards the camera. The screen goes dark, with an ominous “Nazi Zombies” title card, burning into the screen. Start round 1 and Obligations It has never been the same since.

World at war did a great job developing the Zombies game mode, and much of it was perfect on the first try, so a lot of features are still a staple. The round system, the mystery box, the advantages and more. World at war it’s still the classic Zombies experience.

3 covert operations

Since Zombies was a huge success, many fans have been waiting for Treyarch’s next title, call of Duty Black Ops, to see what was next for Zombies. The developers knocked it out of the park with both maps at launch. Fighting in a theater against new enemies, as well as becoming Nixon and JFK at the Pentagon.

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The gameplay was smoother from the original entry, and covert operations featured some great maps, with the originals from World at war. He made the experience exciting, with new perks, weapons, and features to explore.

two cold war black ops

There were many unique features to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarThe zombies. For the first time in the franchise, players could select their agent. This meant that, thanks to collaborations, players could fight zombies like Rambo or Frank Woods. Perks were plentiful, with a new tier system for weapons and upgrades.

The weapons felt intensely powerful, and taking down zombies had never been so much fun. The maps were big and the hordes even bigger, thanks to the capabilities of the next-gen console. cold war black ops it was easier for new players and a game mode that everyone could enjoy.

1 black ops 3

The best Zombies experience is never a pretty answer. However, many can agree that call of duty: black ops 3 it is the best experience for a multitude of reasons. The game itself features a variety of exciting new maps. These range from the streets of Morg City like Jeff Goldblum and Ron Perlman, to the ongoing story of Zombies with the Primis Crew. zombie chronicles also saw the release of fan-favorite map DLC, remade for black ops 3.

The game mode is the definitive way to play certain maps, thanks to the wide variety of weapons and wonder weapons. The advantages are many and the gameplay is exciting. Players can run, jump, and slide across the maps, while being chased by all sorts of mini-bosses and zombies. Each Easter Egg also features a defining boss to further flesh out the Zombies story.

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