Best Fortnite Box Fight and Zone Wars Codes – August 2022

Best Fortnite Box Fight and Zone Wars Codes – August 2022
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Best Fortnite Box Fight and Zone Wars Codes – August 2022

The Box Fights and Zone Wars maps are staples in the Fortnite community as they help improve the skills of a player looking to turn pro. Here is a list of the best creative map codes as of August 2022 that can help you do it.

Fortnite Creative consists of a variety of maps ranging from a Hide and Seek map to a Deathrun map that players love to play to enjoy a different way of gameplay than the usual Battle Royale. Among these maps are some warm-up maps that the pros use to practice before jumping into Battle Royale pubs or Arena matches.

Box Fights and Zone Wars became a warm-up tradition for all sweaty Fortnite players since the World Cup, when the pros started using those maps in Creative. Since then, map makers have created hundreds of such maps that players can use for a good warm-up session before they start earning that Victory Royale.

Here is a list of the best Fortnite Box Fight and Zone Wars maps that are in Creative right now.

Fortnite Box Fight and Zone Wars Map Codes – August 2022

Arena 1v1 GALAXY by Enigma

Map of Enigma Box Fights in Fortnite

Code: 8157-0341-1605

This Box Fight map is considered to be one of the most popular 1v1 maps among professionals. Enigma’s Galaxy 1v1 Arena has several environment colors to choose from so players can select the arena they want to play in.

Additionally, this map also gives you features like unlimited ammo, materials, and a set maximum height limit so you don’t break the game. It’s a great warmup map for those who are pros and amateurs in the game.

COMBAT One Shot Boxfight EDIT ONLY

Fight the One Shot Boxfight map in Fortnite

Code: 9437-3777-2439

Smurff’s One Shot Boxfight has become an absolute success among Fortnite community as it grants each player just one health unit and one hunting rifle, to begin with. Players can also edit any builds that come their way, as they cannot break them.

This map tests a Fortnite player’s editing and single shooting skills and helps you improve your accuracy and piece control over your opponent’s builds.

Clix Box Fights

Map of Clix Box fights in Fortnite

Code: 7620-0771-9529

Pandvil creates the best Fortnite map when it comes to boxing exclusively to get Clix warmed up. This Box Fight map is based on a compact indoor arena where players are limited in height to a maximum of two stories of buildings where they need to fight.

The professionals ranging from Clix, Bugha, SypherPK, etc. They use this map to warm up before going into Battle Royale matches, as it helps them think and act quickly, as well as teaching them how to build and take down their opponents in a compact area. .

First Person Box Fight

Map of Box Fights in first person in Fortnite

Code: 4392-1871-9556

This map is unique among all Box Fight maps as it sets the player’s FOV to a first person view. This means that you will only be able to see the buildings and your opponent all zoomed in, in front of you.

Also, you won’t be able to look at your weapon or pickaxe, as the wide field of view doesn’t allow you to do so. Also, you’ll need to open your build menu to edit in this mode, as pre-edits and quick edits are disabled.

Piece Control Boxfights

Piece control boxfights in Fortnite

Code: 9498-4133-5873

Trying to master control of your piece? Then this is the map that can help you the next time you get into Box Fight.

Piece Control Box Fights was created by Paperly, a famous map maker, and takes players through various piece control courses where players can take part with their opponents to master their OG skills in Box Fights. Pros generally rely on these maps to quickly edit and take over their opponents’ builds.

Finest 2v2/1v1 Zone Wars

Finest Zone Wars map in Fortnite

Code: 3897-3964-9440

Finest is one of the best map makers in Fortnite for creating 1v1 and warmup maps that are trusted by the pros. His Zone Wars map allows 2 players at most to battle each other as the storm rapidly approaches.

To begin with, players can only choose one type of weapon between AR, SMG, or shotgun, and have the option to choose equipment at the start. So the next time you want to warm up like a pro in Zone Wars, then the Finest map might be the one for you.

Lukky’s Solo Final

Map of Lukky's Solo Endgame in Fortnite

Code: 9531-2302-6678

This map is set in a realistic 1v1 map and allows a maximum of 40 players to face each other in this Endgame Zone Wars map. Falling damage is enabled and players start out on a hillside where they must build against each other and survive the storm.

Additionally, Supply Drops are enabled, granting players more ammo, materials, and consumables so they can survive the storm and defeat all of their opponents. The next time you want to get a taste of what the end zone feels like, trust this map to give you that thrill.

Tilted Zone Wars (XA)(No building)

Map Tilted No Build Zone Wars in Fortnite

Code: 3012-4666-8757

Want a Zone Wars-style Zero Build warmup in Creative mode? Look no further than this incredible No Build map that is based on Tilted Towers.

With a wide range of weapons, bouncers, and launch pads placed around buildings, use your marksmanship and parkour skills to jump between buildings and take out your opponents. Additionally, players can use the Jules Glider Gun with infinite shots to avoid falling damage.

Late Game 2.0

Late game 2.0 map in Fortnite

Code: 5140-0869-3250

If you are a fan of Late Game Arena mode in Competitive, then this is the map where you can improve your skills. Late Game 2.0 brings the same excitement of Arena and Competitive modes to your warmup on this brilliant map from Cold.JP.

Players arrive on an island where the storm is constantly approaching from the get-go and you will need to use all your skills when it comes to building, editing, or fighting to survive. This is a great map to warm up just before tournaments.

desert zone wars

Desert Zone Wars map in Fortnite

Code: 9700-3224-6429

Desert Zone Wars is probably the most played Zone Wars map in Fortnite and remains a timeless classic. You will start in an underground chamber with a pile of weapons in front of you and you will need to use the gorillas to surface to the desert area.

Thereafter, you can fight your opponents Wild West style using your building and combat skills as fast as you can. Most amateur players and those new to the Zone Wars concept use this map to learn the ways of the game.

Now that you know the current best Box Fight and Zone Wars maps in Fortnite, we hope they will help you improve your building and combat skills. We’ll keep you posted if there are new maps you don’t want to miss out on in the future.

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Image Credits: Epic Games

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